Saturday, November 12, 2011

Accountability and Skinny Santa Week 1

I decided to join in on the Skinny Santa Challenge to hold myself accountable. Accountable for the weight that I have gained since all the drama started in my life. Accountable for the fact that I have not exercised in weeks. Accountable for the tons of garbage I've eaten in the past 5 weeks. So, here goes nothing!!

Week 1 weigh in: 213.6 (ugh, that hurts)
My goal: To get back to onederland...where I landed after the Back to Basics challenge.

And of course, I plan on incorporating exercise!!! I have to get new bike tires...for the bicycle that has been sitting on my porch, untouched for three years!!!

My favorite places to shop??? Well, let's see...

Beall's/Palais Royale (Stage stores)
JC Penney's
Amazon (cuz they have everything!!!)

I'm really excited about this challenge. I think it is just what I need to get back on track.

Overall, this week has been pretty mundane. I did finally get a trim Tuesday. Just half an inch makes my hair feel soo much better!!!

I currently have a head full of clippies...I'm telling you, pinterest is so addicting. I am trying out a styling technique I found this morning. I'm also dabbling in knitting!!! And I have a huge list of Christmas gift ideas...DIY crafting projects!!!

I'm just trying to keep my hands busy so I'm not shoving junk in my mouth.

I also got a fill this week!! (Thank goodness...otherwise, I would have had to posted a really ugly weight for my week one weigh-in). I currently have 8ccs in a 10cc band. I thought this seemed like a lot, but my surgeon informed me that with these larger bands it isn't uncommon to have up to 9ccs in the band. So far, so good. I've really had to go back to basics - now that I've moved up to whole foods I have to remind myself to take small bites and chew, chew, chew.

Now I'm off to see what kind of mess I've made with my hair!! And hopefully get a bit more housework done before Sanford gets back from the wilderness.


  1. Never looked into Pinterest. Is it a social networking site?

    No worries about your starting weight! Just move forward, that's what challenges are all all about. The only reason you even need the starting weight is to see how far you've come at the end of it!

    Best wishes.

  2. Clippies? Do tell! I haven't seen this on Pinterest. I did see the 'roll your hair with a tube sock' pin :)

  3. I just asked for an 'invite' to pinterest. I don't understand that? Any idea how long it takes? Good luck with the challenge :)

  4. I have had a quick look at pinterest and couldn't work it out, but I think I need to look into a little more as it seems to be all the rage at the moment :o)

    Good luck in the santa challenge!!

  5. i love pinterest!!!! Super addicting and sometime intimidating!! Glad you're doing the challenge with us!

  6. Welcome to the challenge and Good Luck.