Monday, August 29, 2011

Life's timing

Football season starts Friday. In 4 days. Yeah, I'm fanatical, obsessed, and crazy about football. And it is this week Mother Nature is going to give us relief from this drought?? Thursday and Friday to be exact?? Like, a tropical wave, possible depression, storm, or hurricane?? Come on!!! Give me a break!!!

I know we need the rain. And Sanford and I love weather...we live in podunk, doesn't take much to get us excited!!! But on week 1 of football season??? Our biggest rivalry game?? Boo. Hiss. Looks like I will be shopping for slicker suits and golf umbrellas instead of cute shorts for the game. IF there is a game.

Today was a great day at work. Complete success. No meltdowns. Actual teaching going on. I love these days. Even though I was informed I was wearing a "maw maw" shirt. I must admit, it was pretty granny-ish.

And tonight I relaxed in front of my computer. I love playing around in photo shop. I made the preliminary version of a Senior football program ad. And to think, at the beginning of summer I didn't know what to do with photo shop!!

I really had something else on my mind for blogging tonight, but IDK. It's almost time for me to turn into a pumpkin. Toodles!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's Weigh In Day

I realized this morning as I hopped on the scale that I never posted last week's weigh in. I blame my painting marathon. So, picture one is last week.


And, for your morning's weigh in.
Seriously, blogger?? Why you do that to me??
And, I totally forgot to tell you the best news. We have a new science teacher this year. She comes to us from the big city - Houston!! And Friday I found out that not only is she a certified Zumba instructor but also a personal trainer. Can I get a WHOOP??? H to the yeah!! I will be making a new BFF tomorrow morning. AND I will be getting the wheels turning for an after school Zumba class and begging her to be my trainer!!!

Oh, yeah...about the challenge....have we all been so bad that we are being punished??? Or have I missed the weekly updates??? I swear we haven't had one in weeks.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy – 5 little questions you can copy and paste to your own blog in an effort to get to know your fellow bloggers better and to give your blogging brain a break. Enjoy!

1. What is your blog theme and how did you pick your blog name?

After being overweight and battling, dieting, and failing over and over I made the decision to get banded. My 30th summer was the turning point for my life. I'm making changes and never going back to the old me.

Like a lot of you, my blog started out as a chronicle for weight loss, but as we all know, life happens.

2. Repeat question: I’m going to name a person not knowing anything about this person in your life or even if they exist and you need to try to describe them in five words/phrases.

Female neighbor two homes/doors down
neat freak

3. Which do you hate more? Spiders or snakes. Elliptical or treadmill. Hannah Montana or Lindsay Lohan.

Snakes are attracted to me. I hate them. Will hurt myself if I see one. My toes automatically scrunch up and I start to hyperventilate. I can squish a spider, not so much with a snake!!

Since I am chronically uncoordinated, I'd have to say Elliptical. (Not a big fan of a treadmill, either!! Give me the great outdoors!!!)

At Lindsay Lohan can act. (I loved her in Freaky Friday and The Parent Trap.)

4. Completely selfish question…I need a dress for Chicago…keep in mind I live in Podunk so the options of physically going into a vast array of stores is VERY limited. (thank God for the Internet) When you need something fancy/a dress – what is your go to store and why?

I soooo don't do dresses. I finally wore a dress to work for the first time this past spring. I'm a department store girl: JC Penney's, Dillard's, Macy's

5. Repeat question: How was your week in blog land and in real life?
Blogland: I have been absent. But I have been reading from my phone at lunch if that counts!!!

In real life: Work, work, work. Classes are going well, football season starts next Friday. I said good-bye to a wonderful young woman this week. A life taken before it ever really got started. It's been difficult - especially for my dear husband. It really hit close to home.

Hey, remember me??

So, I survived the entire first week of school. Seriously, someone should pass out medals or those goofy little participation trophies they hand out at pageants.

I would like to thank all of the little people who made this possible.

The teaching part of the week was a success. Of course, the second day of school I had a lovely little child drop the F bomb. So, referral to the office numero uno is out of the way. I really don't have to write many referrals...but there are some things I don't tolerate - language and disrespect.

Oh, and then there was in the incident where I went street-rat crazy yesterday. Picture me storming into the coaches office ranting and raving like a lunatic. I'm pretty sure I scared most of them. BUT, I got my point across. And, the situation (I'm a weenie, scared if I go into too much detail I will be like that teacher on the news - fired for blogging!!) remedied itself. I even got an apology.  Campbell don't take no crap.

Being the serious hurricane veteran that I am, I am praying hard and heavy for all of you gals over on the East Coast. I know how scary it is. Especially if you are a hurricane virgin. Believe me, it's no picnic.

I remember about two, maybe three, hurricanes from my childhood. Two we didn't evacuate for (I think we got some rain from one) and one we storm then either.

Then, lo and behold, I grow up, get married, have a house of my own to take care of and suddenly Southeast Texas has a billboard that screams, "Hit me!!!"

First, Katrina hits New Orleans/Mississippi Coast, scaring everyone to death. Less than a month later, Rita comes barreling straight up the Sabine River (which I live on). 7 hours to evacuate to the lake, which usually takes 2 hours and wasn't far enough.  We had 4 trees down on the house, in laws house was destroyed (they moved in with us for 6 months.), we were without power for 38 days, no water for two weeks. Hot as hell. Misery.

Then after that, it was just like they kept on coming. Big ones, small ones. We had Gustav and Humberto. Another one I don't remember. Or two. And then came Ike. We felt like veterans at this point and rode the sucker out. OMG. It was awful. We were outside in the middle of it moving cows and goats. We didn't get as much damage - but then again, we had NO TREES LEFT!!!

My advice, if they say evacuate, just do it!!!  But, really ladies, I am praying that all of you come through safely and have minimal damage.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Producing or expressing a mixture of pain and pleasure. That's how the dictionary describes it. It's my least favorite emotion.

I've been completely consumed by all things school since I'm gonna do this bullet-style.

  • Friday was a "work" day. Mission: unsuccessful. For the first time I walked out of school on the Friday before the first day of school with an incomplete classroom.
  • Saturday morning dawned early - 8 am - and instantly started my painting projects. I stopped long enough to run in to town for more supplies.
  • I concluded Saturday's festivities around midnight.
  • I was out of bed at 4:30 Sunday morning and resumed my marathon.
  • I left long enough to go to Mom's, print pictures, go back to town for more supplies and groceries.
  • I finished my projects well after dark on Sunday evening. We then loaded my truck down - Sanford and Son style!!
  • Then I had to work on "curriculum - stuff" and prepare myself for Monday morning (which included my fourth bath of the weekend...I was purple and green!!)
  • I hopped...well, maybe not hopped...out of bed at 4:30 this morning, got all gussied up for the first day of school and was out the door at 5:40.
  • On the drive to work I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting a dog napping in the highway - sending all of the furniture in the bed of my truck sliding around - joy.
  • Arrived at work over an hour early. It was already a muggy 80 degrees. And I had on 3/4 sleeves. and pants. and sock. and shoes.
  • I unloaded the truck. Even my fingernails were sweating!!! I longed for a pony tail, but I resisted. I haphazardly set up my classroom. I made copies. I had sidewalk duty.
  • I made it through the voice is barely intact. But, all-in-all, the "teaching" part of my day went well. My classes seem good (I've had 3/4 of them before...some for the third time.) I know we are still honeymooning, so I'm not counting my chickens.
  • And then comes the bitter part of my day.
A coworker - middle school science teacher from the same town where I live - passed out at Open House yesterday. Blood sugar was 53. Rushed to ER, the brought her sugar levels up, sent her home. She was even posting on facebook last night.
Overnight she spiked a fever, 105. Husband took her back to ER. She had a panic attack, they sedated her and from the info I got she had to intubated.
She was life-flighted to a better hospital today. She was diagnosed with a septic infection (she had her spleen removed during childhood). Outlook was grim.
Shortly before 7pm this evening she passed away.
She was 26. Only 26 years old. She had a 3 year old son. Her whole life was before her and then snuffed out. Just like that.
During her very first year as a teacher - only 2 years ago - she received "Teacher of the Year." Then last year, she received another high honor.
This is something that has been so hard to absorb. She was my age. With a promising career and a family.
We were just joking last week about funny first day of school manicures. I just don't understand.

In the short time I've been in my school district we have suffered so much loss. Our Athletic Director last football season. A long time retired teacher in the fall. An elementary teacher shortly after. It's a very small district. We are all family. This loss is being felt by two communities I love - home and school.

I'm going to end on a better note. My eating has been superb. I've been too busy to graze and eat junk. The weather has been hot and miserable, so I've been tight. My lunch today was a bandster's dream: 3 thin slices of Cajun turkey, 4 cucumbers, 1 low fat string cheese and 13 Special K cracker chips. All counted out and packed last night. (And I sat next to a coworker who had bypass March of 2010 and watched her eat a foot long hot dog with chili and cheese, corn, peaches, and her daughter's Frito pie. Seriously? Thank GOD for my band.)

Friday, August 19, 2011


It’s Friday so that means here in Draz Land it’s time for BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy!

We answer just a few questions to get to know each other better and to give our blog brains a break!

Copy to your own blog if you wish and ENJOY!

1. How much makeup do you wear daily, how long does it take you and are you loyal to certain brands?
 Now that I've lost weight and have more self-confidence I love wearing makeup.
I am pretty brand-loyal...Base (Merle Norman), Blush (cover girl Soft Sable), Powder (Merle Norman translucent), Eye Liner (Depending on my mood....sometimes black, sometimes purple. Eyeliner will definitely be my first tattoo one of these days!!!) Mascara (cover girl...the pink with green lid) and eyeshadow (again, depends on my mood....but I do like pink chiffon the bestest). I'm not a lipstick person, but I do have a chapstick in the truck, my purse, the house, my desk at school, and in the winter in my pocket!!!

It takes me about 5 minutes and I'm not someone who reapplies during the day.

2. Repeat question: I’m going to pick a person not knowing your relationship with them (or even if there is one) and you try to describe this person in 5 words/short sentences.

Your oldest paternal aunt

Control Freak
An idiot
Loves talking about her kids' and dog's allergies/ailments
Bought me my first Dooney (A key chain when I turned 16)
An idiot (Yeah, I said it twice. But for reals. MORON.)

3. Tell me about your first real kiss and how old you were.

It was a cool October night in 1995. I was 15 years old. I was on my second date with a senior boy who I'd gone to homecoming with. We were still in the "double-date" my best friend tagged along (with another friend - girl - bc she didn't have a date date) We went to play miniature golf and while the girls were in the bathroom my date asked me, "Can I kiss you?" Cheesy? Yes. But at the time I was all giggly and in lust and all that good teenager stuff!!!

4. If I gave you $1000.00 and told you that you had to give it to a charity – which charity would you choose and why?

I'd pick a charity that does meal programs for school-age children during the summer. Being very sheltered growing up, I never realized that there were kids who went hungry. I thought everyone had a "normal" home life, like me. But now, especially in the area where I work, school lunch is often the only meal these kids get every day.
It is heartbreaking.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.

In blog land I have been a slacker. I read and read (especially during boring inservice meetings, but never comment.) I'm still here though!!

Real life is chaotic. School has taken over my life and classes haven't even started yet. My classroom isn't ready, I'm not ready. I'm just going to run away. Maybe I will find a carnival. Yep, I'll become a carnie. Now I shall go and burn all of my bras!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

All hail the Queen....of procrastination.

I will confess. I am a master procrastinator. I put off EVERYTHING until the last minute. Like paying the utilities. Maybe I like living on the wild side. I constantly receive "cut off" notices...not because I don't have the money. I just put off paying bills.

My procrastination is currently gnawing on my behind. (Yes, that is the lady-like way of saying it's biting me in the a$$!)

I've put off all major classroom prep projects until the last possible minute. Of course, I do have some good excuses. (You know, excuses are like butts: everyone has one, some are bigger than others and they all stink.) Excuse 1: waiting for payday - tomorrow - to buy paint, plywood, material, etc etc. Excuse 2: waiting for inspiration. Excuse 3: I'm lazy.

So, tomorrow is a work day. Which means no one can bother me all day and I get to work in my classroom. IF I can stay away from gossiping chatting with my coworkers. Of course, I'm going to be late because I have to run into town for my B12 shot. (I'm gonna need it if I'm gonna make it through the day!!) AND it's the only day we have enough time to go to the nearest "town" (20 miles away) for lunch. Le sigh. Looks like my final weekend of "freedom" is going to be chained to a paint brush and skill saw (Actually Sanford will be doing all the sawing....I'm not allowed to touch his power tools!!).

I did, however make it through the day. I got to see most of my kiddos. Compliment galore. (cue attention whore with the inflated head) I can't even begin to describe the amount of school spirit at the community pep rally. It made me proud to be an Eagle!!

Oh yeah, and I decided to make an additional Facebook for my classroom. (School policy states we can't have students on our personal FB, but can make a classroom FB.) It's been so long since I made my original FB that I feel like a dummy trying to figure everything out. AND I'm trying to make a stamp for my pictures...a copyright of sorts. And edit pics. And make a video. And....OMG my to do list is growing by the second.

**Oh yeah, and I have to send off the sisterhood clothes I've been hauling around in my truck all week. WILL DO THAT TOMORROW, ladies. I haven't forgotten about you. AND my secret bandster gift.**
Oh and I have to take care of me. You know, hair, nails, more clothes..feed and water Sanford...I'm not really sure when I will sleep. Maybe I should buy a case of 6 hour powers and just stay up until Tuesday.

So, if this doesn't make's because I'm certifiably insane.

Must go, I just heard the All Aboard for the Crazy Train!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I can see Friday from here!!

Thank goodness this week is almost over. I am loving every minute of being back at work. Now, the weekends actually mean something. This weekend will be filled with last minute preparation for the first day of class!!!

Taking advantage of "casual dress"
I am hoping that all of my new ideas will help me be more organized this year. And less scatter-brained!!! I truly feel that I have adult-onset ADD kids have even mentioned it. Of course, these are the same kiddos that have told me that I am bipolar and need to sign up to get a "check."

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. Inservice in the morning, district luncheon (they make us sit on these itty bitty junior cafeteria stools for two hours...torture!!), more inservice, Flying Start (where the kiddos get schedules, lockers, sign up for clubs etc etc) and then the Community Pep Rally. Whew. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!!! Might have to double up on my B12 tomorrow!!!

NSV of the day =)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Busy bee meets creative...genius??

My Barney-mates-with-a-zebra classroom theme is coming together quite nicely!! I only get to work for short bursts in my classroom - between inservice meetings. But my vision is coming together. Tonight I flexed my's the progression and end result.

Before: Nekkid poster

Step 1: Green accent

Final result: zebra accent
Of course Sanford asked a million questions,
  • "That's it?"
  • "You aren't going to put something at the bottom?"
  • "Why don't you go all the way around?"
After telling him what body part he could No, really he was just picking as usual.

Personally, I think that little bit of accent will make it "pop" =) If, you can get over the fact that "Miss Bolivia" is extremely freaky!!!

I now have day 2 behind me. And after taking a forbidden peek at my rosters I found out that I will have 150-ish students this year!!! In a high school that has about 300 students!!! EEK!! But, I wouldn't have it any other way. They have asked me before if I thought they should hire an additional Spanish teacher (I am the only one) and I said NO WAY JOSE!! I don't want to share my babies!!

On the eating during the day is on point. For example, today, while everyone was shoving donuts and kolaches in their pie-holes I was being a good girl and eating my Greek yogurt!!! BUT when I got home I had a late night snack of frosted mini wheats. Ugh. Gotta break that habit and pronto. (My scale does NOT like the late night munch fests!!!)

Tomorrow I am dressing "cute" because it's picture day!!! Wooo hoooo. If I'm not running too late (and so far this week I've been early every day...all two of them!!) I will get good old Sanford to snap a pic!!!

Until tomorrow ladies...keep on keepin' on.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I survived!!

A full day of inservice - and I am alive to tell about it!!!! It was good to see all my friends, and to be back in a routine. Even my eating was on track. Until I left work and was starving. And had to eat Cheetos to keep from dying. So I guess I will need to add a healthy snack before I leave. Pre-Cheetos I had: Protein shake for breakfast, string cheese, 4 multi grain crackers and a Greek yogurt for lunch. Then the Cheetos binge on the drive home. We can't be perfect all the time, right???

So, tonight I've decided to introduce you to my dear hubby. He's been bugging the crap out of me to give him a cute nickname ever since I told him about Draz and Rambo. So I've been pondering this for a while...and this is what I've come up with:

Yes, ladies. I'm married to Fred Sanford. Be jealous. Now, as a disclaimer....we do not have a yard full of junk. Not even close. BUT whenever my dear Sanford wants something...for example a new bow (you know, like Robin Hood...bow and arrows and all that) he doesn't want to spend "our" money. So, he collects junk (scrap iron, copper, motors, etc) and scraps them for cash. So, I have deemed him Sanford.
Here's the conversation that ensued:

Me: "You shall be Sanford."
Sanford: "Heck yeah!!" *Hums theme song* "But don't make it seem like I walk up and down the side of the road looking for cans to pay our water bill or something."
Me: "Of course not!!" Because after all, we gots our pride!!!

In October I will be attending a three day workshop to prepare me to take the English as a Second Language Certification Examination. It's not something I've ever really thought about...until it was presented to me today at work. It will be a very useful thing to have - after all 38% of the 25.1 million Texans are Hispanic. (And that, class, is your lesson for the day....just gave you a new brain wrinkle!!!)

NSV of the day: "Hey, look at you skinny girl, I hate you!!!" (from a co-worker) I took it as a compliment! =)

My vow for the rest of the week: no more crap-eating!!! Cheetohs are really a gateway food...because I've been dreaming of chocolate all afternoon. But, I have resisted!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shout Out

Here's a shout out to Amanda - a future Lap Bander that could use some BOOBS lovin'!!!

Let's welcome her to the family!!!


I just wanted to rant. Who came up with the BMI chart?? I mean seriously....I think it is the stupidest chart on the planet. I just took a gander at the dumb thing...145??? Seriously?? I am pretty sure I would look like a skeleton if I weighed 145.

AND 112 pounds later and I'm still obese? My original BMI was so far off the chart....what was the classification for that??? Extreme fat ass??

Anywho...that's my rant for the day.

BOOBS Weigh-in

Do you ever think, "Yeah I lost x amount of weight this week, but if I would have done "Y" I would have lost so much more?" I do. Sure, I've lost 22 pounds this summer, but if I would have walked more, worked out more, used my arm bands more....hindsight is always 20-20.

At this point, I just wish my back was 100% so I can hit the track again. Mornings are the worst. Getting out of bed I look like a 90 year old woman. Patience is a virtue - one I haven't mastered yet!!

I have big plans for my last official day of summer vacation: Detail the interior of my truck, polish the rims, and lay in the pool and work on my tan.

I probably won't be able to sleep tonight. That just shows how much of a nerd I am!!! I am excited to see all my work frans tomorrow!! And then in a week all of my kiddos.

I hope you ladies have a relaxing Sunday!!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

36 hours left of summer vacay

Despite my BYOC yesterday, I successfully washed, dried, folded and put away all of our laundry today!! The only unwashed clothes are the ones on our backs. I feel completely accomplished!!

And, I worked on my back-to-school bulletin board. I love spending time working on things for my classroom. This year I've decided to transition from the "kindergarten" theme I've had for the past six years to a more "mature" motif.

My "theme" is purple (of course), lime green and zebra. Chris says it looks like Barney had sex with a zebra. But I like it!!

Also, today I got another surprise from my secret bandit. I'm almost convinced she is a teacher because she is sending me great stuff that I can use when I go back to school next week. First, a CD full of relaxation music and now this:

with great words of inspiration!!!

I am feeling like the worst secret bandit ever. I ordered the most perfect gift...and it still hasn't come in yet!!!

Now, I must confess that I am totally dreading tomorrow's weigh-in. After being basically an invalid and no some not-so-stellar eating  my scale is not cutting me any slack. It always seems that when I go out for Mexican, I have to do it two days in a row!!! Thursday was lunch with the mother-in-law and Friday was lunch with mom.

Hopped on the scale this morning and the 2-teens were gone. =( And, this medicine I'm taking is making my back feel much better...BUT one of the side potty!!! Like I need any help with that!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011


BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy – 5 questions you can copy and paste to your own blog if you so desire – in an effort to get to know your fellow bloggers better and to give your blog brain a break!


1. I have to do some MAJOR cleaning tonight…which is prompting me to ask…what is the absolute worst thing you hate to clean or cleaning chore you hate the most? (vacuuming, dusting, laundry, toilets, floors, etc.)

Laundry. I hate sorting, changing it over from the washer to the dryer, folding, hanging etc etc. I especially hate the fact that the washer finishes before the dryer. AND the folding....our hope chest is usually a mountain of clean clothes. The only thing that gets hung up immediately is my work clothes, because I don't dry them.

2. Brown or Black? Fly or Drive? Hot dog or Burger? Gold or Silver?

Black!!! My first few years of teaching, I only bought black. (Looked really cute at the end of the day covered in chalk dust!!)

Drive. I've never flown. Ever. And have no desire to.

Burger. Mayo all the way, cut the tomatoes. Have you ever seen how hot dogs are made??? Look it up on Youtube. I promise, you will never want another hot dog again. I'm convinced they are made from pig lips and penises.

I love sterling silver. It is more sparkly. =)

3. Repeat question: I'm going to pick a person not knowing your relationship with them or even if a relationships exists – and you then try to describe that person in 5 short sentences/words.

Maternal Grandmother

Me (look at that huge butt!!), Grandmother, and my cousin.

Grandmother was my absolute favorite person on the planet. Her death in 2005 was the hardest thing I've ever experienced.
One sassy red-head. She had rings on every finger, gold shoes, gold purses. If if was shiny and gold she would buy two or three or more!!! After she died we donated all of her clothing and shoes to Christian Services. They said it was there biggest donation ever!!! She had three closets, 5 racks, and three dressers full of clothes!!!
Best cook on the planet!! That is why my butt was so big in that picture!!!
Loved her soaps...the cast of the Young and the Restless were her extended family.
Had pink flamingos in her front yard. Probably the most prized possession I inherited from her.
Grew up in Mississippi during the depression. This is probably the reason she had three chest freezers full of food at all times!!!

Aunt Ida, Uncle Poss, and Grandmother
circa 1994

4. Even if you don't have kids, how do you feel about kids in multiple sports during their school years? Were you in MULTIPLE sports all during school? Forced or by choice?

I played basketball and soccer. It didn't overtake my life. I see parents that are constantly running children around the world seven days a week. I don't think that lends much time for "family time" and to me, that is important!!!

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.

Blogland is amazing, as usual!  Got my secret bandit gift in the mail, shared some clothes, and made new friends!!!

Real life is getting better. I haven't blown anyone up, so that's good. My back feels much better...even though my head is swimmy thanks to the Vicodin and muscle relaxers. I also got some work done in my classroom - Monday it's back to the real world!!

Sweet relief

Turns out Dr. O and his amazing med-ee-k-shun has done the trick. I even felt good enough to clean the kitchen like a mad woman last night AND I folded about 5,000 loads of laundry this morning!!!

While being Suzy Homemaker I found a couple more tops. These were given to me by my sister-in-law and are too low cut for me. I, afterall, work with a bunch of hormonal teenage boys. I don't need any added distractions!!!!
Size: xl
From Rue21

Brown w/ white polka dots
Size: Large
from Rue21

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Going postal.

If I had some TNT and bomb-building knowledge I would totally be posting from the slammer tonight!!

First of all, I went to my hubby's doctor this morning for my back. I called yesterday, told them my ailment, the office manager/Dr's wife made my appointment.

I sign in and tell the receptionist - who is a total white-trash Betty - I was a new patient. She asks me why I'm there - um, business?? Get you some! - and when I say my back she quickly let me know that Dr. O (not a pseudonym...his name is Dr. O) does not "do backs." Then her partner in crime says snarkily, "He won't write you any pain meds." Like I was some common friggin' addict. I remained calm and very lady-like and told them I still wanted to see the doc.

So, after a short wait I was in the back, seeing Dr. O. I am pretty sure he is related to Draz's Chinese massage therapist. (un)Fortunately he didn't tell me that "nussing" was wrong...he said I have strained MUSCLES in my lower back and I got to hear his famous line, "Oh ya, I write you a med-ee-k-shun."

I so wanted to go back out to the front desk and slap old white-trash Betty in the face with my prescription for pain med-ee-k-shun.

Off to the pharmacist I hobble. Now, I would of course need a new batch of dynamite for this place. CVS must really scrape the bottom of the barrel when they hire pharmacy techs. Turned in my script, lied and said I was going to wait so they would hurry. Went to Wal Mart came back and guess what??? They hadn't even LOOKED at my prescription yet. Grr... Went to lunch. Returned. They checked me out. I looked in the bag, only one of my med-ee-k-shuns was in there. I asked where the other one was. They said, "Oh we couldn't read what it said."

So??? Do you have a phone?? A tin can??? Smoke signals???

After they finally figured out what it said I stood there and watched the pharmacist fill four other prescriptions before he decided to work on mine. Argh.

I came home, took my meds and went off to dreamland for four glorious hours. Best sleep I've had in a week!! I woke up and was able to bend my body without crying!!! I suppose all of the ca-ca of the day was worth it!!!

I am going to get my hair did tomorrow. By a former student. Let's hope I didn't tick her off at some point and she is seeking revenge!!!

Today, I'm thankful that I didn't have dynamite. I don't do vertical stripes. Spending time in the pokey is not my idea of fun.

Paying it forward....

Alright ladies, I did a super fast-closet clean-out this morning. I have a few things to share with you!!!

Brown zebra? stripe tunic with "sequins" @ collar, sleeves and bottom
3/4 length sleeve
Alfred Dunner Woman

Gray Sweater
(never been worn!!)

Black sweater with "fake" undershirt
3/4 sleeve
 Notations Woman

#4 Brown
Sag Harbor
18 w/ tummy minimizer

#5 Gray

A couple of things to take into "consideration"....First, remember that I am practically a midget (well, maybe not a midget - but I am 5'4) and these pants have been altered by mother-in-law. I (having zero knowledge on the subject of hemming and whatnot) assume they can be un-hemmed. Is that a word??? They were never "cut." Also, we do have three fur children, so you may get an added (and also free) bonus of a dog hair or two. Or three. None of the clothes have ever been dried. Only washed in cold water and then hung to drip dry. AND we live in a smoke-free home.

If you are interested, leave a comment letting me know what you want. I suppose the "rules of the sisterhood" are first come-first serve??? Or if I need to do a random drawing, I will. Someone let me know...this is my first contribution. (With hopefully many more to hubby just informed me of a new rule: Each month on payday I MUST spend $100 on clothes. Oh, the hardship!!!)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

¡Adiós, queso!

Took the bull by the horns. Threw half a tub of pimiento-cheese in the trash!!! No more of that in my house!!!

Now that I've had yet another day of laziness (doctor's appointment was cancelled), the butt-kicking shall begin first thing in the morning!!

My lovely mother-in-law is currently transforming a pair of pants into "city shorts" so I won't melt. Cuz, lemme tell YOU something... is HAWT out there.

Even with the wind blowing it's like stepping through the gates of hell. The pool is practically boiling.


And next week this time I will be wearing pants, socks, shoes, make-up....


Fast forward to Wednesday:

I hauled my cookies to school today. I spent over an hour out in the heat (and did not melt) watching the boys practice. I was exhausted just watching them push that sled thing around!!! I don't envy them one bit.

And, I got some great compliments. Have I told y'all I'm kind of a whore for attention these days?? One of my kiddos told his buddy, as I was walking out to the field, "Hey, look...she's like a little person!" I really don't think they realized how short I was before....just round, like a pumpkin with legs!!!

And then one of my boys told me he was proud of me for sticking with it. I think compliments from teenagers - who are usually so self-centered - are the And, of course my little cheerleader girls went crazy, yelling and whatnot. Then I was informed that my clothes are too big and I need to do something about it.

I really got more gossiping done today than anything else. It felt so good to gab with my teacher frans.  I did check most things off my list, took measurements and loaded the truck with painting projects. I even schemed up a project for Chris to work on this weekend. He soooo loves me for that one!!!

I got to peek at the Master Schedule...and that makes it official. Time to get back into the swing.

Tomorrow I'm going to a different doctor about my back. I even took some of Chris's prescription strength pain dulled the pain a little - but not much. I'm sure me loading bookcases into my truck today didn't help matters. But this whole not being able to do everything for myself sucks big old donkey noogies.

Now, it's bedtime!!! If I can get my over-inflated head through the bedroom door!!!

Oh yeah, and I am impatiently waiting for my secret bandit gift to come in the mail so I can mail it out. I am super excited about it!!!

And one last piece of advice: ALWAYS take your iron with food. (I learned that the hard way....**blech**)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Save me from the Cheese!!

My good intentions were shot this morning....I am scatter-brained and forgot I have an appointment with my GYN this afternoon. So, instead of going up to the school and working, I've been snacking on cheese. Pimiento cheese spread. Devil food.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I haz a present!!!

When I got home today, there was a surprise in my mailbox!!! Yippee!! Just in time too!!! I will really be able to use this once I go back to work next week. I see some serious bubble baths in my future!! Thank you, secret bandit!! ♥♥♥

From by secret bandit!!!

 Today we are celebrating 8 years of wedded bliss. We are in a great place in our relationship! We've had serious ups and downs in the past 8 years...but it has made us stronger as a couple.

--Enough mush--

It's time to kick things in overdrive. Less than a week until I'm back at work full time. I've got a butt load of stuff to do in order to be prepared for the new school year. Tomorrow I will be working my booty off in my classroom!! I sat down, made a list and will be checking it off first thing in the morning!!! Assuming I will make some serious progress tomorrow, I will then make a list of stuff I want to get done at home before Monday. Kicking butt and taking names. That is the game plan!!

My back is healing. I'm not 100% yet, but I am going to hit the track tomorrow. Maybe I will just walk a couple of slow miles...and see how it goes!!!

I hope you lovely ladies have a terrific Tuesday!!

Oh yeah, that's mee!!
AND none of these clothes fit anymore =)

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Got your attention???

I swear like the phrase "douche-bag," "cornhole" is popping up all over the place. I heard it on B-i-g Bro-ther tonight...and either from a comedian or something a while back. It's just one of those words that make me giggle like a school girl. (BTW, dear hubs is convinced that "douche-bag" is not the correct insult...BUT dirty douche water is the better insult.)

Drazil has presented us with another set of questions for this fine Friday: (But, I'm not getting to them until Sunday. I have been dying for the past two days, so I get a pass here!!!)
1. I’m going to pick a person in your life – not knowing if you have a good or bad, existing or non-existent relationship with them – and your mission is to pick 5 words or traits or thoughts to describe them.

Your paternal grandmother

Granny Trudy.

Lived "100 rows of corn" away from me my whole life. I would go there everyday after school for a glass of Kool-aid, a ding-dong, and a game of cards - either Rummy or Speed. (I found that worn out deck of cards and almost cried the other day.)

From Kittery Point, Maine. Met my Grandpa when she was about 14 (he was in the Navy), got married and came to Texas.

Has Alzheimer's. One of the hardest things ever...seeing a once strong woman become so feeble.

2. What’s your all time favorite color to paint your nails? And your toes?

Nails – French manicure
Toes - PINK!! (or anything "neon")

3. Do you get along with your parents well?

My momma is my bestest friend. And Daddy's bark is worse than his bite!!! They are always there for me when I need them!!!

4. Speaking of rainbows – rank the rainbow colors in the order you prefer.







5. Repeat question. How was your week in real life and in blog land this week?
In blogland I've been reading and reading but not commenting as much. I will remedy that this week!

Real life: Other than my ailments and what-not it's been a pretty good week. One more to go until I have to return to the real word. le sigh.


I hauled my creaky old body out of bed this morning for my weigh-in. I was pleasantly surprised at the number I saw. After last weekend's birthday extravaganza (yeah, I ate ALL the icing off of my cake...) the scale JUMPED to 225. I was mortified!!! So, I worked it for the rest of the week!! I don't think I've been in the 2-teens since junior high!!!

I went to the doctor Friday - strained lower lumbar. It's one of those injuries that can be brought on by bending over to picke up a pencil. My lovely old-school doctor told me to take Ibuprofen. Yeah, that wasn't working to begin with. So, needless to say, I'm still hurting. It's gotten better...but I'm not up to snuff yet. Which means no working out.

THEN, to top things off, I contracted a frackin' stomach virus. I was so freaked out, because I've only vomited once since being banded. I guess it was a 24 hour bug or something because there's no nausea this morning.

Adding insult to injury, Chris pulled a muscle in his back yesterday while working outside. Two gimps in one house makes things interesting around here. We are falling apart at the seams!!!!

Quick, go kiss a puppy or something to get away from my pathetic post!!!