Wednesday, November 2, 2011


on the mail lady. Ugh. I'm impatient!!! I have been waiting on my paycheck to arrive all week. I have a million errands to run, and of course, that takes dinero!!

So, several of you asked why I resigned from a job I loved. Adored. Well, here's my confession. I broke the rules. I did something stupid - made a mistake. And that led me to the resignation. Let's just chalk it up to school politics and big brother - who is always watching. I'm not perfect, have never claimed to be. But, I am also one of those people who always gets caught if I break the rules. I guess I should have known better. Wait, there is no guessing to it.

Remember those little cheerleaders I had trouble with??? Well, turns out they are pretty vindictive little girls. Honestly, I can't say I miss it. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to teach again - because that is where my passion is. My heart and soul.

I think I have learned an important lesson in all of this. Well, I've learned a lot of lessons, actually. But one thing I know for sure - if ever given the opportunity to teach again, I will not be teaching in such a small school.

For those of you that don't live in tiny towns - let me paint a picture for you. You see, in a small town, even one where you only work and don't live, everybody knows every body's grandma's business. And if they don't know your business, they will make something up. And here I thought I was just a little old nobody. An outsider that just went to work, did my job and drove the hour home every day. Little did I know that I was working in a fish bowl.

My list of "sins" go all the way back to last year. They brought up things that I did - out in the open, never trying to hide anything, because I had nothing to hide. And petty stuff, like letting students use my personal refrigerator...yeah. That's a huge issue...right?? Well, anyway.

There were also some things on that list that weren't so petty - and I place the blame on myself, for the stupid, stupid things I did - a lapse in judgement. A crazed moment in my life. That is why I am where I am in my life right now.

I've totally rambled all over the place in this post...but maybe that sheds a little light on why I chose to leave a job that I once was head over heals in love with. Love is blind.


  1. I am sorry, Jess. But you know what, there will be something better out there fo ryou.

  2. I'm a firm believer in one door closes another opens. Learn from the mistakes and chalk the rest up to experience. Best of luck for your next opportunity!

  3. I can't say it any better than Cat did. I'm sorry you are going through this but all you can do is learn from it and move on. Good luck!

  4. One door closes so an even better one can open!

  5. Sometimes we have to fall flat on our faces in order to pick ourselves up and move up. It sounds like you've learned some things and that's what really matters. Keep posting!

  6. I hope it gets there soon, and I'm sorry you're in this position, lady. :( *hugs!*

  7. Agree with Cat ... or as I say: I'm at where I'm suppose to be (even if I don't like where I am). Take care of yourself ....

  8. We all make mistakes. The best thing is you are learning from those mistakes. You will bounce back.

    Small town BS is the worst. Something better and more important is coming your way.

  9. Oh lord do I know what you mean! I grew up a preacher's kid in a tiny church. I couldn't fart without the whole town knowing what it smelled like! Seriously, I have a feeling we'd be serious friends if we were working in the same school!

    This story isn't near what you are going through, but maybe it will make you laugh!

    I made the mistake of marrying a man, that I had no business marrying, when I was 28, on August 5 (right before school started.) I woke up and went to court for the annulment on August 18 (beat that Kim Kardashian!) I was the talk of the district for months. Everybody wanting the details and if they didn't have them, making some up. I love life in a small town!


  10. I am so sorry you've had to leave a job that you're passionate about. As long as they aren't talking disciplinary action, I would think you should be able to find a teaching position elsewhere. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that an opportunity presents itself.

  11. I can't imagine you wouldn't be able to find another teaching job when you are ready. I am from a small town so I know what you mean, it is also why I don't live in a small town any longer.