Sunday, September 25, 2011

Final BOOBS Weigh-In

So, I had to climb down from the roof to post this blog. Yes, people, I was shouting from the rooftops!! Wanna know why?? Wanna hear the good news??? Like the totally awesome, great, wonderful, totally fabulous news????

I've entered....


So, what all have I accomplished during the Back to Basics Challenge??

  • Um, my weight doesn't begin with a 2!!! (Yesterday the scale said 199.6...and I so wanted to blog, but I waited to see if it would stick today makes it official!!!)
  • I've lost exactly 29 pounds!!!
  • I've gone down 1/2 a shoe size.
  • I can no longer wear ANYTHING that has a W begin the size.
  • I went down a cup size...(this happened yesterday, and I thought I was going to need to be medicated. I literally tried on 7 different bras hoping to stay in a D. I don't know...I miss my girls and really hope they don't continue to shrink.)
  • I am happy. And healthier.
In other news, we won our game Friday night. And I totally rocked my new jeans. Got some cat calls and whistles from my cheer leaders....made me smile!!! I love those girls. Even though we butt heads and I haven't gotten them whipped into shape just yet!!!

I found out this week that I am in charge of the football/cheer float for the homecoming parade. In three weeks. On the same day that I am photographing a wedding.

And I really had a rough day Friday. Fridays are hectic anyway, with cheer and pep rallies and games and whatnot. Then I had a conference that left me really upset and in tears. Then one of my babies noticed I looked sad and made an extra effort to check on me. THAT is what makes my job worth it.

Also, I have a new addiction. Monster Rehab. They are the bomb!!! They aren't carbonated and only have 20 calories for the whole can. I can usually be seen with one in my hand all day!!!

Ok, now I'm off to skip around the house like a little school girl.

Oh yeah, I went shopping yesterday...2 pair of size 14 pants, 4 tops - all from the MISSES section!! All XL. AND the dreaded new bra...and new glasses....also smaller!!! And I finally got me a new pair of tennis shoes today....and some new undies!!! I feel shiny and new!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Momma's got a new pair of jeans!!!

I splurged on myself today. I just couldn't bring myself to wear the size 18 jeans tomorrow night with the redneck belt. So I ventured into town on my only afternoon "off" and found me a pair of jeans. AND guess what?? I can no longer wear jeans with a W after the size!!! Total NSV.

So after a tornado of trying on jeans I finally found some I am happy with - for $14.99. I was sure that once I put on my Shox they wouldn't be too long...yeah, well I am still a midget!!

Oh, yeah!! Size 14. *regular*
Now I'm back to cutting music for the pep rally and working on the video. Cuz it's what I do!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flippin' out

Guess what I did today!!!

A CARTWHEEL. or at least my version of an uncoordinated flippity-do-dah thing. Graceful? No. But, I did it!! In front of my entire squad. Fun times.

And yesterday I ran my mile, did my bleachers and then lifted weights!! We did squats, bench, leg curls and these awful ballet squats while holding 25 pound weights. I wasn't too sore this morning. I even ran my mile this afternoon. When I got home from cheer practice my legs were like jelly. But I loved it!!

And, once football season is over I will have my very own personal trainer!!! WOOT!!

So, a lot of you gave me some good advice last post - just let the nonsense in my brain out. I'm gonna give you the abridged version. Or something close to it.

So, here's the question. How do you ladies deal with attention from the opposite sex now that you are "new" people?? Specifically flirting. This is what I am dealing with. Innocent flirting. and i like it. Now, don't get me wrong. I love Sanford with my whole heart. I would never do anything to jeopardize our life. But, is the flirting wrong?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Manic Monday

Today was the Monday from HELL. Kids were snarky, I'm PMSy, melted down on my name it...argh!!!! AND you can not imagine the stuff I shoved in my pie hole. Cheetos...coconut M&Ms...bbq...crap, crap, crap.

And then there is this...thing...burning a whole in my brain. I really want to get it out. But I know it's best kept stashed way down deep in my head. Because I know as soon as it comes out it will sound stupid....crazy...stupid. INSANE. *sigh*

And I had my first...look...when I said that I've lost X amount of pounds and I've had lap band. I wanted to scream, yeah lady. Look at me like that. Let me tell you, it's more than just a quick fix. I've worked my butt off. Literally. Blah, blah, blah.

BUT, there was a silver lining. I zumba-ed my heart out. Sweating like a pig, I shook what my momma gave me like I'd never shook it before.

And tomorrow is a new day, right??

Now I have to try to decipher the "organization" that I have inherited as cheer coach. It's a big hot mess. And I am anal about organization. But first I must find the energy to shower, cuz I can smell myself!!

Oh yeah, one of my lovelies asked me today where my ta-tas went. Gee, thanks!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh yeah....

I thought I would share my other hobby with you guys. You know, what I like to do in all my free time!! Sanford is the one on the sidelines shooting the pics, but I edit them and make highlight videos for my kiddos to enjoy on Fridays. I finally uploaded the first two to the world wide web.

It's weigh-in day!!

Do you remember that to-do list from yesterday?? It's still staring at me. I've checked some things off...but not as many as I'd like. I am feeling quite sloth-like today. I am seriously contemplating taking a mental health day tomorrow. I really just need some me time. Super quiet, peace and relaxation.

Oh, and I totally forgot to mention my redneck belt. You see, this is the longest month in history. We got paid early in August. We are getting paid LATE in September. So, I have no money for pants. AND I wore jeans to the ball game....size 18. Yeah, this is the same girl who is currently wearing a size 16...and trying every week (with no success) to shrink these 16s so the will fit. So, I'm pretty sure it's time to go down to a 14....but no money = baggy britches. Anywho...picture this: I'm on the sidelines, constantly holding my jeans because one wrong move and thousands of people are going to get a nice little strip show. One of my flag runners helped me fashion a belt out of rope. We just tied my belt loops together. It was classic. Wish we would have taken a pic!!!

Now I am off to do my very best impersonation of a vegetable...I'm thinking rutabaga.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week 2 done.

Second football game at cheer sponsor - done!!! I swear, if I have any hair left at the end of football season, it will be a miracle.

I am slowly getting things organized and creating routines for my girls. They are beginning to understand my high expectations of them. They have seen a different side of Mrs. Campbell. The classroom "me" and the coach "me" are two totally different people. They now know that I am anal, controlling and OCD. They also know that I love them. The great thing is, they understand that even when I am melting down, yelling, and being witchy I am not trying to be mean. They know that I want what is best for them.

This week's pep rally was the "blackout" pep rally. The girls did a dance, stunt routine, and something called crumping. It's kind of like play fighting meets dance. I was thinking West Side Story - but I'm sure there's some new and hip movie or something where they got it from. (Not everyone loves WSS like me!!)

Our football game was the "game of the week" on the local news station. We haven't started district yet, so it doesn't count toward our road to the state championship. It was a nail biter. And we lost - 21-20. I have some seriously bummed kiddos. It is heartbreaking for them to have suffered a loss, but it's all part of playing the game, right?

My weekend consists of: editing pictures, writing my article, making the video, working on next week's pep rally, grading papers, doing housework, washing my truck, and working on Senior Ads for the program ...and resting as much as humanly possible.

Oh, and at the pep rally I was introduced as the new cheer sponsor and crowned. I really do love my job and my babies!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I think my candle is about to meet in the middle. I am exhausted.

Yesterday Sanford had to be taken to the ER from work by ambulance. Heat exhaustion!! His whole body was cramping and drawn up. After some fluids he was feeling better. He is still tired and sore, but otherwise doing well.

So, my one night of the week that is "normal" was spent in the hospital.

Today we had cheer practice - or maybe it was world war 3?? I finally had to go "street rat crazy" to get them to calm down, listen to each other and work as a team.

And, I am working on the football sign for the gym. For the second time. We scrapped the first one.

Somewhere during my days I'm also finding time for teaching. Novel concept!!! Oh, and mediator for fighting bffs. High school drama. There's not enough money in the world for me to go back to high school!!

Tomorrow is JV game number two. I have to make a flying trip to Wal Mart before the game to get the supplies for our "emergency bag." It's going to be a long couple of days. I do, however, really enjoy being so busy.

My scale is being a jerk-face. I blame it on tummy issues. It's been days...days, I said!!! I will have to remedy that pretty soon...

I kicked our pre-practice workouts into overdrive today. Well, actually - mine. The girls still dawdled around on the track with grimaces on their faces. But I got a quick mile in - with three circuits of bleachers. I even got a couple of cheers when I got to the top of the bleachers. Sweating feels so good!!!

Since I've been home I had to upload the dance video to youtube so our girls can *hopefully* learn the dance for Friday's blackout pep rally.

I'm hoping for a good night's sleep...and a stress free day tomorrow. But, when dealing with teenagers, stress in inevitable.

Have I mentioned how much I love my job(s)???

Monday, September 12, 2011

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

I have survived week one as Cheer Sponsor!!! We had a successful practice Wednesday, a great JV game on Thursday. (I had happy cheerleader and even better, happy parents!) Friday I was a nervous wreck. First pep rally (after a slight sound system glitch and the fact that we were 5 minutes short) it was pretty good. Then I got the girls loaded on the bus and hit the road for the 90 minute ride to the game. The girls were peppy and excited and we won the game!!! I'm really enjoying these girls.

My JV ladies @ their first game!!

And, with all of this insanity in my life there is absolutely no time for snacking. My "menu" for Friday was pitiful. I had my yogurt for breakfast, probably a total of two or three bites of lettuce for lunch and two currly fries for supper. Smart? No. But my tummy was in knots all day. I was doing good to get that down. AND my scale sang me a happy tune for Sunday's weigh-in!!! I'm down to 206.6!!!

About half of my Varsity squad!!

I was a mean sponsor today!! We had an optional practice - mostly I just wanted my JV girls to have a little extra loving. BUT I made them warm-up. It was only about 95, I told them I wanted them to do two laps around the track. I didn't care how they did it. But, this meant I got half a workout in. (Total NSV - I wore shorts and ran IN front of my girls. And in front of the junior high and high school football teams and coaches!!) AND these little 14-17 girls could not keep up!! I ran the "longs" and walked the "shorts" and ran one circuit of bleachers. One of my kiddos said, "Wow, Campbell, now I see why your legs look like that!!" I think I will be doing this every afternoon - whether or not I have cheer practice!! It really pepped me up after a long day.

Speaking of long days, I was a total dipstick today. Being the mother hen that I am, I always help one of my kiddos mix his weight-gain shakes after workouts. So, today I put in the milk and the powder, screwed on the lid and proceed to shake what my momma gave me. Unfortunately I forgot to check the snap top lid. It wasn't closed. SO, I was wearing half a shake on my head, face, shirt, pants, etc. My hair looked like I'd put some serious gel in it. I was a hot mess.  I looked like a hobo for the rest of the day...the only thing I had to change into was a T-shirt from last year!!

A couple of compliments made my day worth it though. One kid informed me that I was "looking poor" - at first I thought he was talking about my dress pants and T-shirt. BUT he said I needed to eat a sandwich before my ribs started poking out!! And then one of my kids said my face was so skinny!! And one of my girlies thought I'd borrowed a football player's shirt....cuz she said it was more like a dress!!! (Maybe they are alll fishing for good grades....but I will take the compliments!!!!)

Tomorrow is a low-key day. No before or after school practice. What shall I do with myself??? Oh yeah, I will begin working on cleaning up the cheer room and working on the football sign for the gym. I love being busy.

Then Wednesday starts the marathon all over again!! I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Who ya rootin' for?

I said no to being cheerleader sponsor. Reason: travel issues, messes up Friday night date night with the hubs, etc.

5 minutes before the end of the day (and before cheer practice began) I was re-propositioned. I would not have to ride with the girls to away games. They would be taken care of. All I would have to do is meet them at the games...the ones I go to anyway.

So, guess what?? Yep, a sucker is born every minute. I'm the new cheer sponsor. GO TEAM GO!!

AND guess when the first JV game is??? TOMORROW. How cute is this?? The sponsor and the JV squad have never participated in a game. I see great things happening here!!!

But, for reals...I am flattered and super excited. I think know that this is going to be fun.

But please forward all my mail to the nearest looney bend, just in case!!!

Sanford's response..."Do you get to wear a skirt?"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Working for the weekend!!

Is it Friday yet?? I am exhausted!! I came home from school today and took a nap!

Friday Night Lights!
Today I was asked to be the official Cheerleader sponsor. All by myself. At first I was flattered and excited. And then reality set in. I live 45 miles away from work. There are away games on Thursday nights. Sometimes there is a 2+ hour bus ride to and from these games. There is just no way that I would be able to survive. I was really disappointed and haven't officially declined the offer. I wish there was some way to work it out, but I don't think there is. I've stretched myself thin as it is. Plus, getting Sanford to the games on Friday nights would be impossible. AND, football season is kind of our thing. We enjoy being on the sidelines together taking pictures. I don't want to stop that. So...idk what is going to happen. I would love to help coordinate the cheerleaders but the travelling is a no-go.

Have any of you tried pomegranate Greek yogurt? I had some today...I liked it. But it had seeds in it!! Is that normal?? Do you eat the seeds?? I just spit mine out!!

I brought my running clothes to work. They are still in my cabinet - unused. I was just so exhausted this afternoon.

Monday, September 5, 2011


I think I had a pretty productive weekend. I worked at my grandparents' all weekend. I was able to get all of my papers graded, gradebook organized, photos sorted, edited, video made, etc, etc. AND my sweet Sanford did all of the laundry!!!

I am really glad we had a three day weekend!!! Even though I "worked" I was able to relax most of the time. I didn't make it to the track today - but the weather is absolutely wonderful and I will be there tomorrow!! I am even thinking about bringing my shorts/tennis shoes with me to work and hitting the track as soon as school lets out. Yep, that is the plan!!!

I finally updated the old iPod so I shall be good to go. My new favorite song is You and I. Lady G is growing on me. If I just don't think about what she looks like...

My next project is to create a YouTube account so I can upload my football videos and share them with the world. (Not that the world is lined up and waiting for them...but anywho!!)

OMG...the A/C just kicked on and it sounded like a 747 landed in the hallway. The coils on the inside unit are completely frozen over. I thought it was soap suds...thank goodness temps are down in the 60's tonight!!!

And I was going to upload some pics...but the files are too big. And I'm too tired to go back and resave them...

I'm so tired that I don't even think this post had a if you made it through, thanks!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

No autographs, please!!

It's official. I'm published. Ok, so it's not ESPN or anything. Just the local radio website. But, to me, it's a big freaking deal. So, check it out!!!


90 mph with no chance of slowing down.

That's what the radar gun tells me. Life in the fast lane. (how about that for an early morning earworm*??)

I'm loving every minute of it. Except for the fact that I can't seem to find the time to leisurely sit in front of the computer and read and blog and comment. BUT I shall be working that into my schedule. I gotta have some me time, right?

We won!! 44-19
So, week 2 is now under my belt. Fingers crossed, the school year is still going swimmingly. Maybe it will stay on this track. One can only hope.

Here's my weekly recap:

  • On Monday morning: My job title: classroom Spanish teacher.
    • By the end of the week:
      • District translator
      • Informative speaking coach
      • Cheer leading co-sponsor
      • Photo journalist
      • Sports columnist
        • As soon as my first article is published I will link it!!!
      • Football tunnel hauler
      • Homecoming parade float puller
      • I'm sure I've forgotten something...
  • I am loving the fact that in my third year at my wonderful school I am now being asked to "do stuff!" I guess that means that they trust me!! I love being involved in more that just classroom education. I mean, yes, that is very important. But it's not the only aspect of education.
  • Oh yeah, add cosmetologist to the list. Yes, I do hair on the side. Need a funky side braid?? Come see me!!! Or need your "edge" fixed....yep, I'm the woman for the job!!!
  • Good news, with being busy is there is not time for mindless snacking. Several times this week lunch was half of a lunchable. =)
  • AND huge NSV: when shopping for a new Friday night football shirt I bought a LARGE!!! First time since probably late elementary, early middle school that I wore a T shirt that didn't have an X on the tag!!!
  • Oh, and I wore shorts Friday. On the sidelines. In front of several thousand people.
  • AND I got a text saying, "Hey girlfriend! I didn't even recognize you on the sidelines. Looking like Malibu Barbie!" **I love my former students!!**
  • And, the scale showed an all-time low. I even entered a new decade, but unfortunately it didn't stick around for this morning's weigh-in.
  • One negative thing for the week. Sanford has a little jealousy issue. It's really silly, IMO. When at football games I see a lot of former students. This year's recent graduates are a group I am especially close to. I had them for two years. So, it is natural for me to hug them when I see them. Sanford no likey. But you know what? I'm gonna hug my kiddos!!!

Add caption
Ok, so now that I've rambled your heads off...I promise I will be a better blogger!! Even if it's only a few words per day!!!

Oh, let me show you the latest craze. You know I'm that hip and cool that I can keep all of you ladies up to date on the latest trends. AND after you watch this video I totally expect to see pics and videos of these moves from Chicago!!

Imagine a group of big, bad football players doing this. the hall...on the FIELD!!! Hilarious!! (And it is a shame that they are a generation that missed out on Weekend at Bernies!!)

AND my plan is to start back at the track this week. Oh, and did I tell you that my new BFF Zumba instructor/co worker is starting a class next week??? AND some of us teachers are going to start weight training after school??? WOOT!!

*Earworm: A song that sticks in your mind and won't leave no matter what.