Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Let's start with a confession. I hit my lowest weight (220) back in March.

THEN I started the downward (or I guess upward) spiral. (Damn you, $0.25 bags of Cheetoh's in the vending machine!!!) and I gained. Little by little the scale climbed...and by the time school let out in June I was back up to 238!!!!

I knew I needed a fill, but I didn't want to go in to see Dr. Speigel until I'd lost some weight because I knew I'd be in big trouble!!!

Once school let out I knew it was time to pull up the bootstraps and get back on the BANDwagon. Make better food choices (no more Cheetoh's), QUIT MINDLESS GRAZING, and step up the exercise!! In the past 4 weeks I've re-lost 12 of the 18 pounds.

So, here is the moral of the story: If you eat like crap - band or no band - the scale is unforgiving. BUT you can always get "Back to Basics" (yay for the BOOBS challenge!!).

Yesterday the hubby brought home Taco Bell. (I know eating out is not the best choice...but you can still make decent choices.) He brought me a Mexican Pizza and Pintos-n-Cheese. I ate half the pizza and saved the pintos-n-cheese for lunch tomorrow.

So here I am...using my band as the tool that it is. Rocking and rolling along!!!

25 Facts

So I was facebook stalking myself and came across a note I'd written over 2 years ago!!! I thought I would share it with you (and make any changes necessary).

1. I sleep with a baby doll named Snott. I have had her since I was born. My husband doesn't understand why I can't stop!! And he thinks I should be embarrassed!!

2. I love my 3 chihuahuas. They are my children and life would be very boring without them.

3. I love coffee and couldn't imagine my life without it!! I make 2 or three pots a day.

4. I have really bad hair!! It is kinky curly and I have spent a fortune on every chemical straightener out there. Thank God for the Chi!!

5. I can speak Spanish fluently.

6. I am an only child.

7. It drives me insane when people post things on the Internet and they are not grammatically correct (not to mention the fact that most of the words are misspelled).

8. I met my husband when I was a junior in high school but I would not go out with him because he was from Deweyville. Look at me now - I live here!!

9. I had an imaginary friend as a child. Her name was Pinky Castaderrio. She stowed away in my Aunt's suitcase and now lives in upstate New York.

10. I breathe easier when my kitchen is clean and the bed is made.

11. I like to gossip!!

12. I have milked a cow.

13. My husband and I have a 1970s model camper at Toledo Bend and it is my favorite place on Earth! (We finally sold the Bungalow last spring. We now have a 2011 "fancy schmancy" camper. Sometimes I still miss that old camper.)

14. I was only grounded once as a child. It was the worst punishment because I could have ever received because I couldn't go to my Grandmother's!!
15. I love playing Rock Band!! I'm not half bad at it either. (5 gold stars on Simple Man!)

16. I was very excited to get a new dishwasher. That should explain how boring my life is!!

17. I am petrified of snakes.

18. I have this weird obsession with living room furniture. In the 5 years we have been married I have had three living room suites and I am dying to get rid of the one we have now!! (Still have the crappy furniture - still hate it.)

19. I loved living in the woods as a child and it has been difficult adjusting to having neighbors. There's no more running around in your pjs all day because you never know when you are going to have company.

20. When I was about 13 I got a go cart for my birthday. It was pretty cool. I am still sorry Amy - I didn't mean to throw you off!!

21.The 2009 hunting season is going to be my first year to hunt and I am very excited. (I've never hunted with a gun. I just sit in the stand and watch nature!!)

22. I love making PowerPoints!

23. I gave up cokes almost 2 years ago! (Then I fell off the wagon!! But I'm proud to report no cokes since being banded.)

24. I could live off of Honey Nut Cheerios. (Another thing I haven't even tried since surgery!!!)

25. I love my husband with all of my heart!! He is my best friend and a gift from God.

*26. I was banded on 6-17-2010. It is a decision that I am so glad  I made. I love this journey to a healthier me!!

Happy HUMP Day!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Misery loves company...I saved you a seat!!!

The itchies have returned with a vengeance!!! There's no rash this time...just flat out miserable ITCH. It's mainly localized to where I wear clothes...nudist colony here I come!!! I am thinking that my skin may be sensitive from the initial rash and maybe my laundry detergent is irritating me. I don't know. I've bought almost every cream, lotion, soap, spray etc on the market. (Except Cetaphil and Sarna - and I will be headed to Walgreen's in the AM). I even bought some Tide free...we will see how it goes.

Between scratching a medicating and showering today I managed to get in day two of my Biggest Loser Workout. It started out with a "challenge." My avatar was riding a bicycle and had to light up a series of 8 light bulbs. I was alternating between running in place and jump roping. I won all three challenges - and was huffing and puffing by the end!!! I then spent 20 minutes doing some "boxing." I LOVE IT!!!

Tomorrow I'm going out on the town with my mother-in-law. It should be...interesting!!!!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Word of the day: PRODUCTIVITY!!!

Well ladies, let me tell YOU something!!!

The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout for Kinect is AHHHH-MAZING!!! You start out with a little "test" to see what level you should start at. (I scored moderate - which was disappointing at first, but once I got into the workout...YIKES!!) Then they do a body scan - it takes your measurements and you set your goals. (I decided I would like to lose 30 pounds in 12 weeks...dream big, right??) Then you move on to your first workout. You chose the length of the workout...I chose 30 minutes. It was 30 minutes of butt busting exercise!!! I was pouring in sweat at the end. AND it felt great!!

So, obviously I bought a Kinect today. After 45 minutes of use I can already say it is totally worth it!! After my workout I had to help two little lunch ladies with some spreadsheet issues!! My mother-in-law and aunt that live next door/across the street. Then a light lunch - watermelon!! I'm not really sure that just fruit for lunch is the best choice...but if satisfied me and I'm still not hungry. Then a quick dip in the pool to cool off (and get my daily dose of funshine - a MUST!!) 

After my swim I came home and started washing clothes and cleaning up a little. While I was elbow deep cleaning the toilet some kids (one was a former student - here I was looking a HOT MESS!!) came by to tell me about Vacation Bible School at a local church. I bet I looked like a wild woman with the toilet bowl cleaner in my hand and my puppies threatening to bite their ankles off!!! I then swept, mopped and wiped down the counter tops in the kitchen.

PRODUCTIVITY!!! Who knew that a quick morning workout could leave me feeling so amazing!!!

I ♥ endorphins!!

"Half-assed at the gym {or your living room} is better than whole-assed on the sofa."

Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's only $

I want this necklace. Or something similar. I've been wanting a necklace that could be my "signature" piece. You know, goes with everything. I am not much of a jewelry wearer. Usually just my wedding ring, birthstone ring and watch. But I'm thinking about something like this necklace.

It's been a lazy weekend on the ponderosa. Mr. Pouty Pants aka my dear husband finally got over not going to the lake. We have just chilled here at home and had a nice quiet weekend. I finally got in the pool yesterday after a 1 week hiatus and boy did it feel nice. I'm thinking about putting on my suit in a bit and working on my tan!!!

Last night, we were talking about exercise and whatnot and I am supposed to be buying a BowFlex from my brother-in-law. Then Chris mentioned something about all of the cool exercise "games" for the Xbox Kinect. I youtubed it and I've totally changed my mind on the Bowflex!! I will be the proud owner (hopefully) of a Kinect TOMORROW!! I think I kind of pissed my BIL off but you know what?? I DON'T CARE!! It's my money and I'm pretty sure I will get more use out of the Kinect. There are a lot of exercise games: Biggest Loser, Zumba, and all the dance games (including the Michael Jackson experience...oh yeah!!)

AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE all my new followers!!!! You guys are the best and give the BEST advice!!

Have a lovely Sunday!!! (OH EM GEE Chris just said, "Well, I need to go work on the lawn mower"...guess there goes pool time...ugh. FML.  But, on the upside, pushing that raggedy lawn mower for an hour will be a helluva workout.)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jillian Michael's Protein schtuff...

So I am currently CHOKING down my first glass of the Jillian Michael's protein drink. I followed the instructions on the can...8 ounces of water, a few ice cubes and a scoop of powder. The first sip tasted like slightly flavored water. So I put a little more powder in, another trip through the blender and VOILA!! Only a bit more flavor.

Is there a trick to make this stuff drinkable?? Enjoyable?? My special K shakes were rich and creamy (and obviously full of stuff I don't need! Which is probably why they were so yummy!!)

Since we didn't go to the lake this weekend I am hoping to get a little more work done in my newly renovated home office. We have two spare bedrooms...both were complete disaster areas!!! I picked the "cleanest" one and spent an entire day in there...culling out 8 years of JUNK!!! Now, it resembles some sort of order. So the next step is to move my desk (that I got for Free!!) in there, set up the printer blah blah blah. That is, if I can pull Mr. Pouty Pants away from the XBox!! I also want to put our extra TV in there along with my BoFlex (that I will be picking up as soon as I get my stupid paycheck cashed.) SO it's going to double as an office and my workout hideout!!!

On the upside, my rash is completely gone!! I took the last of my meds this morning. So, this evening I will finally get to start my Couch to 5K program!!! It's on like a chicken bone now ladies!!!

And here are three kiddos...Chihuahua babies!!!

Taco Bell aka Doggie Smalls
Chris rescued him from a Meth Lab!!

Chico aka MoMo
Our "first born"

Maya aka Boot Girl
The "middle child"

Friday, June 24, 2011

Life Happens and BYOC

Well, our lake plans have changed. I wasn't able to cash my paycheck - the bank was closed by the time I got there and Wal-Mart {HATE that place} wouldn't cash it. So we decided not to go. So now I am dealing with a 31 year old pouting husband. L-O-V-E-L-Y.

So here is my very first BYOC!!! I am totally addicted to blogging now. =)

1. What’s your favorite room in your house?

I love my cozy living room!! Especially when it's clean!! And now that I am out of school for the summer I take time every day to sweep and dust and mop. It's decorated in John Deere. I kinda hate my living room furniture (microfiber, non pup friendly) but it's still my favorite room in the house!!!

2. Picture question (or describe if you don't have a camera). Show us a pic of your current favorite earrings!

Can you believe that I have 7 holes in my ears and DON'T wear earrings??? LOL However, I did inherit my Grandmother's pearl earrings (that my paw paw bought her when they were married) and her diamond studs. They are currently locked up in my mom's safe!!!

3. What’s your dress code at work? If you stay at home and went back to work outside the home, what dress code would you prefer?

Ugh. I'm a business casual. At my first school we could wear capris and jeans/spirit shirts on Fridays. capris, no t-shirts, no jeans on Friday (not even jean skirts!!), shoes can't go between our toes...(Disgruntled, much??) I'm waiting patiently to see what new rules we have this year!!

4. Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.

I dove back into the world of blogging this week!!! After a very long hiatus I am so glad I picked it back up!! You ladies are an inspiration to me and help me keep on track. My lowest weight was 220...but I slipped back into some bad habits...gained (238) and now since summer started and I started blogging I'm down to 228...and I'm not gonna stop....losing or blogging!!!!

First post from my phone!

Ok, here goes nothing! I am attempting to post this from my may not work...we shall see!!
I am at my grandparents' house today. They are both elderly and need 24 hour care. I spent my entire summer with them last year and I enjoyed every minute of it! Of course, when I went back to school they found a full time sitter - but I fill in when she needs off. It is an adjustment from my normal routine - they are very old-fashioned!! They didn't have air conditioning until Grandpa had a stroke. They have a few window units but it is a fight to get them turned on...too much money!! And the bathroom is outside!! Not an outhouse or was built on the back porch :) It's my own personal little house on the prairie!! I love it here. It's where I was raised.
This afternoon I will be loading the truck and heading north with the hubby and our three babies. There's nothing like peace and relaxation at the lake.

I did make it into town yesterday. I picked up some Jillian Michael's protein shake mix (I will try them tomorrow) and a new set of scales. I finally moved up into the 21st century and got a digital one!!!
Now let's see if I can get this to post!!
Have a wonderful afternoon and thank you all for being an inspiration and helping me on fighting!! You are the!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


First off, I want to thank all of you who have helped me see the errors in my "protein" shakes!!! As soon as I get my lazy butt motivated I am going to head into town and see what I can find. I have been so lazy these past few days!!! It has been rainy and dreary...we've gotten 7 3/4 inches of rain since Monday!!! Yesterday I barely got off the couch. I was hoping to get a run in yesterday evening...sigh. I MUST exercise!!!

I also wanted to do a little blog on how this past year has changed my life!!
  • First off, obviously losing over 100 pounds is the BIG change!!!
  • I went from wearing a size 26/28 to a 16. (Sometimes I can wear a 12/14 or 8/10 in knit shorts!!)
  • My bra size went from 42DD to 38D. (I was kinda depressed that the girls were disappearing...but I'm good with it now!!)
  • I have collarbones!!! And hip bones!! And wrist bones!!! And when I lay down I can see the outline of my ribs!!
  • I can RUN!!! For short distances...but I can do it and it feels good!!
  • I wore a dress to work at the end of school. I would have never done that a year ago. I got a lot of comments on my "tan and tone" legs...LOL
  • I haven't eaten any pasta, rice, or soft bread (I occasionally eat croutons on my salad or a piece of crusty garlic bread - but  most of the time that bothers me so I avoid it!) or drank a soda in a year. I don't miss any of it!!
  • I stood on the sidelines during football season with the entire stadium looking at me every Friday night with my head held high. CONFIDENCE!!!
  • I came out of my shell at work. I made friends - great friends!!!
  • I take pride in getting "dolled up" now.
  • I took Zumba and danced my little a-rhythmic heart out.
There are some things I haven't given up since being banded. For instance, I still use REAL SUGAR in my coffee. I spent a small fortune on every sugar substitute on the market but I couldn't handle the twang. I did, however, go from three spoons of sugar to 1.5!! I still use real Ranch dressing on my salad. I occasionally drink SWEET tea but I usually get half-n-half. But, other than those little things I try very hard to follow all of the other guidelines.

Here's a question: I was told (by some women getting a fill at my one week post-op appointment) that we (bandsters) aren't supposed to drink from a straw. I've never directly asked my surgeon...I can never remember to ask...but was that in anyone else's guidelines??? Just wondering!!! It's hard to go to Sonic and get a tea and have to take the lid off and NOT spill!!!

Now I'm on to my list-making. We are going to the lake for the weekend. Peace and relaxation with a little fishing thrown in!!! It's my own piece of heaven!!!

Toledo Bend. My home away from home!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I want to share a blog with you

My pastor's daughter has a blog that I would like to share with you guys. Let me warn you, it is a tear jerker - but for me it was truly an inspiration.

Their son was diagnosed with anencephaly (the absence of a large part of the brain and the skull) in utero back in January. She chose to blog her pregnancy. I can't even begin to imagine the difficulties she and her husband and the whole family went through - and are still going through.

Having fertility problems myself I am not sure I could hold it together if I finally got pregnant and be dealt this devastation. Her faith is immeasurable. That is what inspired me. Her blog is full of raw emotion that touched my soul.

Here is the link:

If you get a chance, check it out.

The Itchies are Almost Gone!!

I am going to have to buy my PCP a present...the steriods/anti-fungal meds are doing their thang!!! The rash is leaving and so are the itchies!! And that is just after two doses. I now can see why my mom taped socks to my hands when I had the chicken pox. Chris - my wonderfully supportive hubby - threatened to do the same thing Sunday. I'm sorry, but if it itches, I'm gonna scratch!!!

I have a question!! I don't know how many of you ladies are able to eat in the morning. It's an absolute NO NO for me. I've tried several times but it almost always ends in DISASTER. Especially eggs...if I try to eat an egg before 11 AM I turn into SLIMER!!!! You know, I've never actually PB'd....but I have foamed and slimed and all that lovely stuff. Now, on to my question (I am beginning to think I have adult ADD - no kidding!!! I am extremely drives my students crazy...oops, there I went again.)

Anyway!! I was wondering what kinds of protein shake you ladies prefer??? I have been drinking the Special K Chocolate shakes since I was banded! I have one almost every morning (except on the weekends when I am a bad bandster and skip breakfast - or at least replace it with 4 cups of java). The Special K shakes have 190 calories; 29 g of carbs; 18g of sugar; and 10g of protein. I honestly don't have a clue if this is the best choice or if I'm getting too much of something and not enough of something else. They come in 10 oz bottles and it is getting to the point where they don't keep me satisfied until lunch and I go searching for a snack. Confession: I don't always make great snack choices and a lot of the time I will eat a little bag (or 2) of Cheetos (my ultimate sin).

My nutritionist told me that I should stay away from protein shakes that come from powder because they have a tendency to irritate the band. But I have read many blogs where people buy IDK?? I have also tried the Slim Fast (drinkable but I don't really care for them) and the Atkins (HORRIBLE). I haven't tired Muscle Milk because $8 for a four-pack is just more than I want to pay!!!

So, if any of you have any advice...please send it my way!!!  ¡Muchas gracias!

On an unrelated note: we got RAIN!! Glorious droplets of water falling from the sky!!! It has been so hot and dry here this summer...we are actually in a 22 inch rain deficit. It has been miserable!! We have a place on the lake (actually resevoir) about 75 miles from here and it is at least 6 ft. low. The lake is our home away from home but it has been hard to enjoy it this year!!! I am so thankful for the rain. I almost ran outside and played - but it was also thundering and lightening like crazy and I didn't feel like being charbroiled!!!

Me and Chris after his Alumni Football game in April.
Imagine a bunch of 30 somethings playing
60 minute of full contact football.
It was a hoot!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

There is a fungus among us...

The doctor's verdict: and fungal rash. Does that not sound disgusting??? Basically, when I had the heat rash under my ta-tas it was a fungal infection -aka a yeast infection!!!! Yeast likes to hang out in dark moist places and I guess under my girls was the perfect place!!

For whatever reason the fungi (I think that's right...or at least how I remember it from high school) got the idea to set up house all over my skin!!! So he prescribed me some steroids (I'm going to PUMP you up!!!) and a pill that is used to treat the OTHER yeast infection. I have to wait 5 days and if it clears up I'm gtg. If not, then it's back to the doctor I go!!!

I am hoping the meds do their job and stop the itch because I really want to start Couch to 5k this week!!! (Has anyone else tried it?? One of my fb friends is currently doing it and I thought I would give it a try.) I really need to up my exercise and I thought that it was worth a shot!!! I will be picking up my bowflex this week and I am super excited about it!!! Not only do I NOT want batwings but I was some seriously cut arms!!!

So, I'm off to try and NOT scratch all my skin off...wish me luck!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Houston, we have a....Rash???

Last week I was having some chafing, heat rash, prickly heat issues...and here is my very first TMI post....under my ta-tas and at the  top of my thigh. Who would think that 109 pounds later I would be having these issues??

So, I researched and researched on the Internet and all the sites said. "Lose weight - it will decrease the risk of heat rash" Are you KIDDING ME????

But anywho...I've tried every idea. Cornstarch, Calamine, Desitin, Hyrdrocortisone, etc, etc.

The actual heat rash is GONE. Everything on that front is A-ok. BUT NOW I'm COVERED in a red bumpy super duper itchy rash. It's EVERYWHERE but my arms, face and feet. And it's still spreading. Did I mention it itches???

I will be up with the chickens in the morning and headed to the doctor to he can tell me what this is and FIX it. IF I don't scratch all my skin off before then!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Still alive and kicking!!!

So I am a lazy bum who completely abandoned my blog!!!! I occasionally would stalk other blogs but never comment or post.

I blame the second semester chaos!!! (Excuses, excuses) But I had Relay for Life, TAKS, Prom... But now that I am off for the summer I am committing myself back to blogging!!!!

Today is my one year bandiversary!! It is hard to believe that a year has passed. That had to be without a doubt the LONGEST day of my entire life!!! I am so glad I didn't chicken out at the last minute. I wouldn't trade my band for anything in the whole world!!!

I've lost a total of 109 pounds...which is crazy!!! I haven't been this "little" since probably junior high!!!

I am enjoying my summer vacation...trying hard to eat right and exercise. It is so hard because it is so blooming hot here!!! I started walking the track once the weather warmed up in April and now I can RUN (I run the length of the football field and walk the curves.) AND I even RUN BLEACHERS!!! I remember last summer right after surgery I started walking in the evenings. I would see young girls running bleachers and I told my friend, "One day that will be me." Of course, at that time I really didn't believe it. Then one afternoon I was at the track all by myself and decided, "What the heck?" So I did it!!! And then I became addicted. I have gotten out of the routine lately because of the heat. But I vow to get my butt out of bed and be at the track by 5:30 starting Monday.

I also plan on joining a gym this summer. I only get paid once a month so next week I'm taking the plunge. I had started doing Zumba in January and I absolutely LOVED it. I have NO rhythm what-so-ever but I didn't care. It got my heart pumping and made me feel good. Unfortunately they cancelled the class. BUT I think I've decided that Curves is my best option and they have Zumba we shall see.

This is my "seriously?" face.

I really need to work on toning up my arms. They are pretty pathetic. My legs, however are apparently really toned (and tanned - because in my mind being tan makes you look smaller!). The last week of school I was able to wear shorts (which I would have NEVER done a year ago) and I got a lot of compliments (even some catcalls!!). I guess those bleachers are paying off...I suppose I could start "running" them on my hands!!!!

On the band front: I haven't had a fill since January (eek!!) but I go in on July 18th. I am sure I am going to get an ear full from my surgeon. I also have another follow up with my GYN on the 30th of this month and an appointment with a fertility specialist on the 7th of July. AND I need to go for my one year blood work AND to the dentist....UGH...I am not a fan of doctors and it seems that I've seen more of my fair share in the last year.

Ok, so I think I've rambled enough to make up for my months and months of absence!!! So I will leave you with a few pictures. (I have found that I am more eager to pose for the camera these days!!!)

                                                        Me and my kiddos at Relay.