Saturday, October 16, 2010

I love football. Period. AND I love taking football pictures. I just thought I'd share some.
This is me, 62 pounds gone forver, and my "little sister" Ellie the Eagle.
This is our late Coach. It's strange how many pictures we snapped of him this year.

On the band front...I'm holding steady. I had a good run of loss so I guess I've leveled out a bit. I've been having some sinus issues and this is causing my to have "episodes." My kids are grossed out when I gag and spit and what not in class. They just make sure the trash can is handy. It's so funny. Whenever I get a strange look on my face someone always grabs the trash can. And they keep me in check. I suddenly crave Monsters. I can take a couple of sips, then the bubbles get to me. They remind me that I can't have carbonation and they don't want to see anything come out of my nose!!!

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