Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back to the 21st Century

That's right, folks. I'm back in the land of technology. Internet. Thank God!!! And it only took 12 hours to figure out how to hook up this dongle thing. AND the reason my original broadband card quit working was because I deleted McAfee. Le sigh....a waste of $100 for this lovely dongle....

So, (Sanford says I start way too many conversations with "so"....it's just my fad of the moment) I want to thank all you ladies for all of your kind comments and words of encouragement. Right now, my life is craptastic and suck-o-licous. Upside down and inside out. But, I am trudging through.

I contracted a lovely stomach bug this weekend...maybe from the birds when I was in the woods?? So I spent Saturday evening and all day Sunday in the fetal position on the couch. All the while, Sanford is trying to shove things down my throat, cuz "You can't just not eat." Grr. I know he was trying his best to take care of me, but when I'm really sick all I want is my Momma!!! And she came to the rescue with some meds Sunday afternoon.

The scales loved my dehydrated state. Like monumental weight loss. But, it didn't stick, of course. Once I was rehydrated it made a lovely bounce back. And, my whole life after I've recovered from a stomach bug I've wanted pizza!! So, last night we had D0min0s. Well, I ate the tops...off of two pieces. And then I felt crummy. But it was yummy going in my mouth.

I really need to get motivated. Like, it's time to scrub the floors. Sanford tried to clean them Sunday, and I really wanted to give him guidance. But I didn't even have the energy to boss him around. That's just how sick I was!!!

So, (there that word is again) until I muster the energy, I will sit here and watch SVU. And catch up on blogs and comment. And be your basic sloth.


  1. mmmmm pizza.

    Sometimes I can eat really really thin crust!

  2. To sick to boss around the hubs is definitely really sick. I hope you are feeling better. I'm glad you have the internet again. You are missed when you're not around.

  3. I am sure stress had a lot to do with the bird flu you contracted. Take it easy, until you get some energy back.

  4. ew!! no fun!! come to marlyand and visit me. I will be lonely once my peeps move out next week.