Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Irrational behavior

So, yesterday I said I needed to clean my floors. Here is a little insight into the way I clean...

I started out mopping the kitchen. Then I got annoyed at part of the floor that was messed up. It has been like that for several years. But yesterday I decided to rip up and replace the floor. Sanford almost flipped sh!t!! I called him asking where the skill saw was...needless to say he wasn't about to let me use any power tools that could cut off an arm without "adult supervision." Thankfully, his uncle - who lives across the street - was willing to cut the pieces I needed. By the time he got home from work I had replaced the flooring and cleaned up my mess. I even managed to get the rest of the floors done!!! Today, I am feeling the pain!!

You know what I love?? Demolition and Destruction!!! I can't wait until we are ready to replace the cabinets. Give me a sledge hammer and I'm one happy girl. But I think my next project will be repainting the bedroom. It's dark brown and I'm thinking I want to make it a happy robin's egg blue...

About a month ago I lost my driver's license. Ugh. I've looked and looked and finally got around to calling the bank today - I didn't leave it there. Now I have to go face the grumpy ladies at the DMV for a new one. The old one didn't really look like me anymore anyway, so I guess it was time for a new one anyway.

While I was hunting down my license I found my teacher ID from my first year of teaching. YIKES!!!

I never realized that I didn't have neck!! I can't tell you how many times I've worn that haircut. EEK. Never again!!! I still have that dress. I don't know why I've kept it. Momma bought it for me...and I guess I will keep it forever. Just like another maw maw dress hanging in my closet that my grandmother bought for me in 2000.

Here is my "yearbook" picture taken in September.

I am still working on growing my hair out. For years Sanford has preferred short hair...and I have sported some super short hair. My hair is naturally kinky to my scalp curly. Over the years - years of relaxers, flat irons, hot rollers, and other various forms of torture - it has gone from really curly to randomly curly, straight, frizzy - just really bad hair! Whenever I would get my hair cut super short my beautician would literally measure my hair to make sure I could still get the straightener on it!!! I've also sported some really cute flat iron hickeys!! Thankfully, Sanford is starting to like my hair longer. So, other than a trim - which I need really badly - no more drastic haircuts for this girl!

I'm seriously thinking about blowing that first picture up and plastering it on the fridge. That is motivation!!!

And lastly, an NSV: here in the past three weeks (you know, since I entered the gates of Hell) my sweet Sanford has taken to snuggling. For the first time since we we dated we actually snuggle on the couch while watching TV. Sanford has been pointing out all of my bones that have surfaced for the first time since...well probably since forever. Like my collarbone, hip bone, sternum, ribs, ankle bones...and my port. Boy howdy, that thing sticks out like crazy - it totally grosses Sanford out. I thought I got the low profile port, but I'm thinking I didn't. I kinda don't wanna think about what it will look like when I get down to goal. (Goal is still 180...why oh why is the last 20 pounds the hardest to lose??? And 180 is MY first goal - surgeon said 200 was a good weight, but I don't agree...and I wanted to be 160....but I'm shooting for 180, then go from there!!)

Now that I have rambled about nothing for days I'm off to do something productive - but no major projects today!!!


  1. That is the very reason I hate to clean, I cant just be happy with surface clean I need to really dig deep. Your picture looks great, my first goal is 199 so I have sixty more pounds to go I cant wait to get out of the 200's

  2. Hey, if you're bored I have all the flooring to have my carpeting replaced with hard wood - c'mon up!!

    I am absolutely amazed at your transformation!! You are looking absolutely wonderful, Lady!! Good for YOU!!

  3. Wow! Your motivation at housekeeping is awe inspiring!