Sunday, August 22, 2010

I survived!!

I survived the first week back at work!!! I actually had a great time - after 5 days of intensive labor my classroom actually looks like a classroom and not a landfill. AND I managed to lose some weight in the process - score!!

Tomorrow should be interesting. The kiddos return and they are not going to like the new rules!!! For example, cell phones can not even be brought on campus!!!! I think we will be spending most of our time patrolling for cell phones...

I am also super excited because there are less than two weeks until our first football game!!! Our school is a football powerhouse and I LOVE watching my students play ball. It's amazing to see them all week in a classroom setting and then see their amazing talents on the field. I'm one of those crazed fans....AND I get to resume making my football highlight videos. Last year our principal snubbed my videos halfway through the season because they were "not part of the curriculum." Our new principal is all about promoting school spirit so the videos are a GO!!!

Now to spend the rest of my evening relaxing, walking, shopping for band friendly lunch items and hoping I can sleep!!!

Toodles =)

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