Sunday, August 1, 2010

30's and 20's

So, Friday was my 30th birthday. We went out to eat with my parents - who love to watch me eat!!! It's pretty weird...but whatever!!! Afterwards, the DH and I went to Academy and I picked up two pair of school shoes. My 30th birthday turned out pretty nice!!!
Saturday, Mom and I went "school supply shopping" at Manning's. I love school supplies - I think that is main reason I became a teacher!!! Afterwards, we went to the mall in search of school pants. I ended up at JCPenney and picked up several pairs of 22's. I ended the school year wearing 24's and they were getting snug. Mom talked me into taking a few 20's in the dressing room just to "see how far you have to go" Well....the 20's fit PERFECTLY!!! Woot!!!
2 more weeks left of summer vacation....2 more weeks until my next fill...3 more weeks to lose 13 pounds to reach my 50 pound goal before the first day of school!!!!!


  1. Whoo-hoo for the NSVs! I love buying smaller clothes :)

  2. great NSV! and i LOVE school supplies too. i am running out of cabinet space in my classroom because i have cases of everything...all cute and cheap of course. :)