Monday, August 16, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!!

I went back to work today. I was so excited last night I couldn't sleep. Our new principal gets more and more amazing every time we have a meeting. For one, his meetings are super short. Secondly, he actually gave us time to work in our classrooms. I am going to post some pictures to let you know what I am dealing with. It's a disaster area. You can probably tell that I spent most of the morning socializing. It was a wonderful day.

For lunch some friends and I went to a local BBQ shack. It smelled amazing!! BUT it was fill day so I sat at the table, drooled and sipped my protein shake!!

I was having so much fun at work that I didn't even want to leave early to go for my fill....but I did. According to the doctor's scales I've lost 37 pound - 14 pounds in the past 4 weeks!!! He said I was doing "excellent!" He gave me a 1 cc fill which brings me up to 5 1/4 ccs. I go back for my third fill on September 13th. I get free fills for the first 3 months and I am taking advantage of them!!

I will definitely be heading to bed early tonight...It was a long day AND I still managed to get my 3 miles in this evening.

OH!!! AND we have decided to start an exercise group at work. We are going to LINE DANCE!!! And do hip hop abs and all other kinds of fun stuff. I am super excited about that too!!

My husband told me it is not natural for anyone to be so excited about their job....yeah well =)


  1. You are so lucky to love your job!!! That is so important.

  2. Ahh, drooling over the BBQ...thank goodness we can't gain from smelling!!!!