Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shrinking Shroomp

Yippeeee...the scale moved again this week. I was in a slump...but now I am PUMPED again!! I had a nightmare last night that when I went for my 2nd fill my surgeon told me that he accidentally gave me a 80cc band and that it would be at least 5 years before I felt restriction....I don't know what goes on in my crazy brain!!!
I had some retail therapy this weekend with my mom. I love buying clothes now that I am not searching for the largest size in my favorite stores. I've gotten some super cute tops for school. Hopefully I won't be wearing them long =)
I have my truck all packed up and I'm heading to school in the morning to work on my classroom. I had this great brainstorm last night. I was going to make 21 flags - one for every Spanish speaking country. After working for an hour on Argentina I quickly scrapped that plan!!! I am just going to save the money and buy them!!!!
Today is my 7th anniversary with my AMAZING hubby!!! Since my surgery he has lost about 15 pounds - and he's not even trying!!! Now, if I could only get him to start walking with me!!


  1. Congrats on those moving scales again...whoo..its a great feeling when you see the numbers go down.
    And Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Love your dream. Happy anniversary!

  3. lol...great dream. CONGRATS on your anniversary and the loss...slumps suck!!!