Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catching Up

Have you ever felt like you are drowning? I am so insanely OCD about school I feel that if I'm not working on something school related at all times I am falling behind. I think it may be unhealthy!! But, since my Anatomy book is in the kitchen, I figured I would take a second to dump all the things floating around in my brain - bullet style!

  • College - here's a rundown of how classes are going
    • Child Psych
      • It seems to be a requirement for all psychology/sociology professors to be a little whacked out, and mine is no exception
      • We had 93 slides to cover for our first exam, but she is such a spazoid that we only covered 36
        • I think one reason I like her so much is her teaching style is a lot like mine. If something pops into her brain during lecture, she shares it. (Like watching a random Monty Python clip about a dead parrot)
      • I had to research female circumcision and write a short report
        • Being the ubernerd, I ended up with an entire page when most of my classmates wrote 4 sentences...
      • We had our first test Monday. I made a 94!!! The class average was 62. I had the highest grade out of 42 people. I'm kinda proud of myself!!
    • Nutrition
      • My professor is a year younger than me and pretty cool. The class is super laid back!
        • We had "snack day" on Friday. Class is at 12, but I'm still pretty tight then. I was able to refrain from PBing - even after me and my stupid self decided to try a pomegranate rice cake. Hello!! What's a rice cake made of?? RICE. I did try a couple of wasabi and soy sauce flavored almonds...super spicy, but pretty good!!!
    • Anatomy
      • Sigh. This class is going to be the death of me. SOOO much information.
    • Anatomy Lab
      • So, I rocked the quiz last week - 16 out of a possible 15 points!!
      • We had our first practical yesterday. Out of 50 "questions" I was a little iffy on 2 of them. I came home and looked up the answers and I'm pretty sure I got them both right. Plus we had 4 bonuses. So, maybe I made over 100!!
      • Lab is more anatomy and lecture is more physiology
        • the anatomy part is like learning a new language - which I'm totally good at!! Too bad you can't put that on a resume - languages spoken: English, Spanish, Anatomy
  • Life
    • We went to the lake this weekend. Super relaxing and super fun!!
      • We also went to the church Sanford's mom grew up in. She comes from a huge family. Her dad had 26 children!!! Not all from the same wife of course!! Sanford's MawMaw was the last wife and had 10 children.
        • When they have a family reunion they rent a STATE PARK!!!
        • This weekend we celebrated my mother-in-law's parents' birthdays. Her dad would have turned 124 yesterday. Crazy!!!
    • Our Marine came home yesterday!!!! He's been gone - deployed - for over a year!!
      • We all went to eat at a Mexican restaurant. Like real Mexican food, not Tex Mex. I enjoyed it, but I came home smelling like a fajita -ick.
  • Banded life
    • There's no question, I HAVE to start exercising. I've got to make time for it.
    • I ate really well over the weekend, then I came home, jumped on the scale and it told me I had gained 5 pounds. WTH???
    • I got on the scale Monday morning and managed to lose 7. I think my scale is on crack.
Ok, I've rambled on about nothing at all for long enough. Back to my Anatomy book.

Keep on keepin' on, ladies!!


  1. wow, sounds like you're doing awesome in school! And you're totally correct about psych profs. I took plenty of those (including human sexuality which is a story in and of itself).

  2. Being a teacher made you an uberstudent! Great job with your classes! So glad your marine is home safe and sound :)

  3. Congratulations. Sounds like you have been working really really hard.

  4. All of my scales are crack addicts! None of them ever have the same weight.

    I don't think I could go back to school. I'm in awe of you!