Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Ok, so I've had this little tidbit to share for a while now, but Sanford, being the cautious one, was like, "What if you put this story out there and then the person you are telling it about reads your blog and hates you?"

Yeah well, I seriously doubt she reads my blog and this is just too crazy not to share.

So, here goes...

Let's call her Jamie. Back in August Jamie contacted me on facebook, asking about my surgery. I've never been one to hide it, so I was more than happy to answer any questions she had. She was a classmate of Sanford's and my mother is friends with her family. I wouldn't call her a friend...but that's beside the point.

Being "friends" with her on facebook was pretty entertaining. She is the type of person who always has some sort of crazy - I mean certifiable - drama going on in her life.

Back to the lap band story. In a matter of a few weeks she went from looking into the surgery to actually having the surgery - or so she says. She was on liquids for weeks and weeks and weeks. Once she moved to mushies, she found that she couldn't keep anything down and had to go back on liquids.

I found this odd, and when I asked her about her level of restriction she said that she had 6ccs put in DURING SURGERY!!! Let's call that head scratcher #1.

THEN she said that she had also planned to have a boob job AND a tummy tuck on the same day as lap band, but the surgeon ran out of time. Head scratcher #2.

She seemed to have nothing but problems with her band from the beginning and was constantly making trips back and forth to her surgeon, who is in Houston - 2 hours away.

Here's the kicker: Right before Christmas she had some "major complications" and had to have another surgery. Only this time, for whatever reason she went to Lake Charles...LOUISIANA. Why?? Did her band slip?? Was there erosion?? Port issues?? Nope. She said her band had become tangled up around her intestines. WTH??? I laughed at first, then I decided to research it. You know what I found?? ONE CASE...where the tubing had become entangled with the intestines during a tummy tuck procedure. It was the ONLY case of anything like that ever happening, and it was several years ago. It was written up in medical journals.

This is just the most bizarre thing to me. I mean, I know there are people out there who are willing to do anything for attention, but WOW. Jamie has also NEVER posted any pictures of herself...she talks about her band constantly, and has lost "100 pounds" since surgery. In SEPTEMBER. But doesn't share pictures.

Her aunt, who is friends with my mom, told me to stay far far away from her and all of her craziness. NO problem!!! I can't handle all that crazy in person. I can, however, sit back and laugh.

Now, maybe I'm just skeptical. Have any of you heard of any such complication?? Or "success" stories? I don't know. For now I'm calling BS!!!!


  1. Thanks for the share...she sounds like an attention seeker. Hopefully she isn't out there giving the band a bad name. :)

  2. wow...thats some craziness alright!!

  3. Omg I can't even image making so many stories up! Take heed of the warning to stay away :o)

  4. I vote for BS! Who would lie about having lapband surgery?!?! But then to make up all the stuff with it? SO weird!

  5. I almost want to find her and friend her! I love some good (long distance) drama!

  6. Sounds like her next doctor's appt should be to get her head checked, she is insane. Reminds me of teen girls I used to work with who had borderline personality disorder or exhibited any signs of disassociation. I always wanted to transfer the case to another case worker and run for the hills. It's just.... too much to deal with the constant lies. Lies for no reason and stories that have to eventually come out one way or another... but they just refuse to put the shovel down. Let's just keep digging the grave of lies, in which all respect for us will be buried far far away. Scary shit though. Steer clear of this one!

  7. I'm with Samantha, I'd want to friend her. It would just reinforce how sane I am! She definitely sounds like she brings her own kind of CRAZY every where she goes! I think anybody who is online and has lost one hundred pounds would have at least one (or in my case, hundreds) of photos!!!!!

    Run fast and run far!