Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Everyone should have their own personal redneck!

I'm telling you, ladies, if you don't have one, you should go find you one!! Even if you already have a significant other. Just a redneck on the side for emergencies!!

This morning, before coffee, I threatened murder. My poor and innocent Sanford was sitting in his recliner, minding his own business when I unleashed on him. I went to the laundry room to put his work clothes in the dryer and they were sitting in a washer full of water. I assumed that he had pulled the knob out last night when he took a shower then forgot to push it back in when he was finished.

Oops. The one time I have ever been wrong in 8 years of marriage!!! (OK, maybe there has been one or two more Anywho, long story short: the washer was broken. I was so mad I kicked it. It didn't help. So, Sanford - you know, my amazingly handy redneck hubby - managed to jerry rig it. He cut the wires that went to the safety mechanism - you know that thing that stops it from spinning when you open the lid - and wired the two wires directly together. Now, of course if you open the lid during the spin cycle you could lose an appendage AND he informed me that if the nut thingy that is holding the wires together comes off and sparks and the sparks land on some dryer lint the house could go off like a roman candle - BUT I am able to wash clothes!!!

My poor, dear Sanford. He is a super handy man to have around.

He is currently going through his second childhood. His poor old truck, Cletus, was breathing its last breaths, so he TRADED his 2001 truck for a 1996 4x4 -"Big Old Red." After spending 1000 on the transmission that went out the first we he had it he is now back on the road!!! Or, I suppose I should say OFF roading. Every time it so much as sprinkles we are hitting the backroads, slinging mud. It is actually a lot of fun (except for the time I was playing with my iPod, not paying attention and ended up with a lap of sweet tea)!!! At at the end of the week he is going to get some new, wider and bigger tires....he is like a kid with a new toy. Super cute!!!!

I really love that man!!!

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