Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Have you ever thought about the fact that you haven't seen someone post anything on facebook in a long time, go to their page to see what's up only to find that you have been unfriended?? Maybe I'm just irrational...but then the wheels start spinning and I start wondering what I did to be unfriended...

In other news, I made a 16 on my A&P quiz yesterday!! (Out of a possible 15 points)

AND, today I get my hurr did. Super excited.

AND tomorrow I'm on a quest for "college student" clothes. I'm tired of looking like an old woman!!! I went jeans shopping yesterday - no luck. I finally got sick of trying on pants. The 14s I took in the dressing room were a bit baggy and everything was too freaking long. I hate being a midget. Plus the selection at the store I went to was less than wonderful. I can't stand the new jeans trend - you know, the ones with the one inch zipper?? I am old school and prefer my butt crack being COVERED at all times!!!


  1. Yeah those low rise are not cute, I can't believe they even sell them in lane Bryant. Ummm hello, that is wrong on so many levels for many of us who are still shopping in LB! Best wishes finding some rockin' stuff!

  2. I get unfriended or unfriend people all the time... I'm fickle. So I try not to take it personally when people do it to me, I'd say do the same. Maybe that person just thought you weren't interested in talking to them anymore? Just a thought. :)

    I'm with you, crack coverage is a MUST.