Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shopping and other schtuff

Last week I went shopping to find some "college student" clothes. I was tired of looking like an old lady, wearing slacks and dress shoes!!! This is really the first shopping trip where I could go basically anywhere. As a teacher I would stick to the "boring" stores....Penney's, Stage, Macy's...but I wanted some comfy clothes!!! I started at 0ld Na.vy. I really wanted some Holli.ster or Aero.postale sweats, but I just couldn't make myself pay $40+ for sweats!!!

I got several super cute tops and some sweat pant capris....all for under $50!! I was in the market for jeans, but I was in a bit of a rush. I also got a pair of shoes I have been wanting FOREVER!!

I got these cuties in a size 9!!!
Tuesday I decided I was sick of my baggy butt jean, so I went to my favorite store for some Levi's. I still head straight for the women's department in every store I enter. It always takes me a second to realize that I can't wear anything in that department!!! Now, I don't even go near the juniors department. I refuse to wear jeans with a 2 centimeter zipper!! By anywho, I did find me some jeans...I found some jeans that almost didn't need to be hemmed...I am not short enough for petite, but too short to be average. It is a pain!!!

In other news...

My band is at perfect restriction. But I am still not losing. Not gaining. It is so frustrating. If I could just lose these last 20 pounds I would be happy. I apparently rock "maintenance" because I can hang out at a weight for months.

My biggest issue? I am not hungry all day. Then after I eat supper I am insatiable. I know it's in my head. I know what I need to do. I haven't exercised in a month. I gotta get off my butt and DO something!!!

Sanford started a new job this week!!! He is a service technician for forklifts and whatnot. This job could not have come at a better time!!! He is making MORE DINERO, and he has a company truck with a gas card!!

I have a busy weekend planned. Studying until I drop!!!

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  1. At least you can hem! Growing up my mom threatened to sew lace to the bottom of my britches! Oh, the horror!!!