Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Things I've learned

In the short week I've been back in school, I've learned some important things. About myself!!

  1. I lack patience. Particularly, for ignorance. Ok, so we are in child psychology. Yes, we are going to learn about various theories we disagree with (I mean, hello, Freud was a nutcase) but this isn't the forum for debating your beliefs on corporal punishment. Shut up and a take notes people!!!
  2. I am much more assertive. I think will have to bite my tongue tomorrow in class, otherwise I will stand up before lecture begins and yell, "If you want to debate any topic we discuss in class, do it during office hours people. Let the prof. speak!!!" (3 classes down and we've gotten through two friggin' slides of a bazillion slide powerpoint.
  3. I am uber prepared. Last week during A&P lab our professor told us to look over the first two pages of our lab manual. What did I do?? Took about 12 pages of notes, made flash cards, memorized all of the key terms, made diagrams with overlays, printed out practice worksheets, and did the first several pages of my workbook. I walk into class today and see most of my classmates just taking the cellophane wrappers off of their lab manuals!!!
Yeah, I'm a nerd. BUT I'm a woman who wants to get as much as I can out of my education. I already have a BS. I know how the system works. Let's do this, people.

Oh, and in lab today I wanted to hit the little girl with blue and purple hair over the head with my textbook. She has already failed the course twice and did not take a single note. Nada. Didn't even have a pencil out on her desk. AND don't get me started on the dingbat sitting behind me.

Of course they probably all think I'm insane anyway. When discussing the best way (using the planes of the body) to cut up a body if you were a serial killer I blurt out, "Just do a quick transverse cut and the neck, keep the head and burn the rest of the body."
Maybe I am crazy?? Nah, it's just PMS!!!


  1. I noticed the same thing. I had so much less patience while I was going back for my masters then I did while I was going for my BS right after high school. Not sure what it is about people that makes them think anyone cares about their opinions!!

  2. You need to come to Arkansas and have a Margarita with me!