Sunday, September 4, 2011

90 mph with no chance of slowing down.

That's what the radar gun tells me. Life in the fast lane. (how about that for an early morning earworm*??)

I'm loving every minute of it. Except for the fact that I can't seem to find the time to leisurely sit in front of the computer and read and blog and comment. BUT I shall be working that into my schedule. I gotta have some me time, right?

We won!! 44-19
So, week 2 is now under my belt. Fingers crossed, the school year is still going swimmingly. Maybe it will stay on this track. One can only hope.

Here's my weekly recap:

  • On Monday morning: My job title: classroom Spanish teacher.
    • By the end of the week:
      • District translator
      • Informative speaking coach
      • Cheer leading co-sponsor
      • Photo journalist
      • Sports columnist
        • As soon as my first article is published I will link it!!!
      • Football tunnel hauler
      • Homecoming parade float puller
      • I'm sure I've forgotten something...
  • I am loving the fact that in my third year at my wonderful school I am now being asked to "do stuff!" I guess that means that they trust me!! I love being involved in more that just classroom education. I mean, yes, that is very important. But it's not the only aspect of education.
  • Oh yeah, add cosmetologist to the list. Yes, I do hair on the side. Need a funky side braid?? Come see me!!! Or need your "edge" fixed....yep, I'm the woman for the job!!!
  • Good news, with being busy is there is not time for mindless snacking. Several times this week lunch was half of a lunchable. =)
  • AND huge NSV: when shopping for a new Friday night football shirt I bought a LARGE!!! First time since probably late elementary, early middle school that I wore a T shirt that didn't have an X on the tag!!!
  • Oh, and I wore shorts Friday. On the sidelines. In front of several thousand people.
  • AND I got a text saying, "Hey girlfriend! I didn't even recognize you on the sidelines. Looking like Malibu Barbie!" **I love my former students!!**
  • And, the scale showed an all-time low. I even entered a new decade, but unfortunately it didn't stick around for this morning's weigh-in.
  • One negative thing for the week. Sanford has a little jealousy issue. It's really silly, IMO. When at football games I see a lot of former students. This year's recent graduates are a group I am especially close to. I had them for two years. So, it is natural for me to hug them when I see them. Sanford no likey. But you know what? I'm gonna hug my kiddos!!!

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Ok, so now that I've rambled your heads off...I promise I will be a better blogger!! Even if it's only a few words per day!!!

Oh, let me show you the latest craze. You know I'm that hip and cool that I can keep all of you ladies up to date on the latest trends. AND after you watch this video I totally expect to see pics and videos of these moves from Chicago!!

Imagine a group of big, bad football players doing this. the hall...on the FIELD!!! Hilarious!! (And it is a shame that they are a generation that missed out on Weekend at Bernies!!)

AND my plan is to start back at the track this week. Oh, and did I tell you that my new BFF Zumba instructor/co worker is starting a class next week??? AND some of us teachers are going to start weight training after school??? WOOT!!

*Earworm: A song that sticks in your mind and won't leave no matter what.


  1. I'm either too old, too white girl/suburban or something, but all i want to do is laugh! :)

    Congrats on your added responsibilities at the school! sounds like you're in for a crazy fun year! :D

  2. You got it ALL going on there g-friend !! Sounds busy but fun ... I'm sure Sanford will get over his jealousy as his trophy wife continues to shrink - congrats on the L t-shirt :)

  3. Oh my gosh. That is DEFINITELY my new dance move. Expect pictures of me doing it. LOL

    Glad to see you've been doing so well, weight-wise and with school! We've missed you around here, but totally understand. :)

  4. That is a great NSV! Congrats. I couldn't believe the Bernie when I saw some kids doing it. Hilarious.