Monday, September 12, 2011

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

I have survived week one as Cheer Sponsor!!! We had a successful practice Wednesday, a great JV game on Thursday. (I had happy cheerleader and even better, happy parents!) Friday I was a nervous wreck. First pep rally (after a slight sound system glitch and the fact that we were 5 minutes short) it was pretty good. Then I got the girls loaded on the bus and hit the road for the 90 minute ride to the game. The girls were peppy and excited and we won the game!!! I'm really enjoying these girls.

My JV ladies @ their first game!!

And, with all of this insanity in my life there is absolutely no time for snacking. My "menu" for Friday was pitiful. I had my yogurt for breakfast, probably a total of two or three bites of lettuce for lunch and two currly fries for supper. Smart? No. But my tummy was in knots all day. I was doing good to get that down. AND my scale sang me a happy tune for Sunday's weigh-in!!! I'm down to 206.6!!!

About half of my Varsity squad!!

I was a mean sponsor today!! We had an optional practice - mostly I just wanted my JV girls to have a little extra loving. BUT I made them warm-up. It was only about 95, I told them I wanted them to do two laps around the track. I didn't care how they did it. But, this meant I got half a workout in. (Total NSV - I wore shorts and ran IN front of my girls. And in front of the junior high and high school football teams and coaches!!) AND these little 14-17 girls could not keep up!! I ran the "longs" and walked the "shorts" and ran one circuit of bleachers. One of my kiddos said, "Wow, Campbell, now I see why your legs look like that!!" I think I will be doing this every afternoon - whether or not I have cheer practice!! It really pepped me up after a long day.

Speaking of long days, I was a total dipstick today. Being the mother hen that I am, I always help one of my kiddos mix his weight-gain shakes after workouts. So, today I put in the milk and the powder, screwed on the lid and proceed to shake what my momma gave me. Unfortunately I forgot to check the snap top lid. It wasn't closed. SO, I was wearing half a shake on my head, face, shirt, pants, etc. My hair looked like I'd put some serious gel in it. I was a hot mess.  I looked like a hobo for the rest of the day...the only thing I had to change into was a T-shirt from last year!!

A couple of compliments made my day worth it though. One kid informed me that I was "looking poor" - at first I thought he was talking about my dress pants and T-shirt. BUT he said I needed to eat a sandwich before my ribs started poking out!! And then one of my kids said my face was so skinny!! And one of my girlies thought I'd borrowed a football player's shirt....cuz she said it was more like a dress!!! (Maybe they are alll fishing for good grades....but I will take the compliments!!!!)

Tomorrow is a low-key day. No before or after school practice. What shall I do with myself??? Oh yeah, I will begin working on cleaning up the cheer room and working on the football sign for the gym. I love being busy.

Then Wednesday starts the marathon all over again!! I wouldn't have it any other way!!!


  1. you are reminding me of my high school years ... and I love it ! Congrats on the loss but you didn't tell us how much !

  2. I am sure glad you like being busy! Good lord, you are making my tired just reading about your days.

  3. Ohhhh you ARE being a busy one!! A terrific "busy" though!! I bet you ARE looking good and I'm sooo impressed with your warm-ups!

  4. How fun! I know that's a lot of extra work for you, but you'll be able to find a balance and the girls are just too cute!

  5. Sounds fun and take the compliments...and maybe keep those kids in mind come midterms! LOL

  6. Great compliments! Way to go one showing this teenagers up with the running too! Good for you!
    You do a great job balancing everything! I would be a big stress ball all the time

  7. Your little pep squads are so darn cute!

    Great on the NSVssssss!!!

  8. I say we need to see these legs! :)

  9. They are too cute! I coached cheer one year. Never again!! haha