Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flippin' out

Guess what I did today!!!

A CARTWHEEL. or at least my version of an uncoordinated flippity-do-dah thing. Graceful? No. But, I did it!! In front of my entire squad. Fun times.

And yesterday I ran my mile, did my bleachers and then lifted weights!! We did squats, bench, leg curls and these awful ballet squats while holding 25 pound weights. I wasn't too sore this morning. I even ran my mile this afternoon. When I got home from cheer practice my legs were like jelly. But I loved it!!

And, once football season is over I will have my very own personal trainer!!! WOOT!!

So, a lot of you gave me some good advice last post - just let the nonsense in my brain out. I'm gonna give you the abridged version. Or something close to it.

So, here's the question. How do you ladies deal with attention from the opposite sex now that you are "new" people?? Specifically flirting. This is what I am dealing with. Innocent flirting. and i like it. Now, don't get me wrong. I love Sanford with my whole heart. I would never do anything to jeopardize our life. But, is the flirting wrong?


  1. How fun ... I would probably snap in two if I even tried a cartwheel :) Are you ok with Sanford flirting?

  2. That's fantastic! I haven't done a cartwheel in a Very Long Time. I think I would probably injure myself!

    As for the flirting, well, I'm not really at the stage of getting more attention yet, so I'm undecided on the topic. I think I agree with Cece. If you wouldn't be ok with Sanford flirting with someone else then its probably not for the best.

  3. Wow- a cartwheel, I could not even do one of those when I was young and skinny.
    Well, I have always been a flirt and so has Lightening. I enjoy flirting and I don't mind if he does it either because I am very secure in how how much he loves me. However, I realize I might be the exception on being okay with flirting. Just know the bonderies and it shouldn't matter.

  4. woohoo, turning cartwheels!! You are doing so great.

    I am the resident smart ass so I don't get a lot of the flirting thing but I see nothing wrong with a little innocent flirting.