Thursday, September 22, 2011

Momma's got a new pair of jeans!!!

I splurged on myself today. I just couldn't bring myself to wear the size 18 jeans tomorrow night with the redneck belt. So I ventured into town on my only afternoon "off" and found me a pair of jeans. AND guess what?? I can no longer wear jeans with a W after the size!!! Total NSV.

So after a tornado of trying on jeans I finally found some I am happy with - for $14.99. I was sure that once I put on my Shox they wouldn't be too long...yeah, well I am still a midget!!

Oh, yeah!! Size 14. *regular*
Now I'm back to cutting music for the pep rally and working on the video. Cuz it's what I do!!!


  1. Good for you, Jessie May! I had a horrible dream last night - I dreamed that Jody Sanders died and we were at his wake. Crazy, horrible dream.

  2. Look at you!!! You look soooooo tiny!!! Love the new jeans!

  3. Awesome NSV!! Look at are so tiny. I love it.

  4. YAY YAY YAY!! Not gonna lie this year I finally admitted I was just not going to grow and bought the "short" jeans. I finally feel all grown up not walking on my pants.

  5. You are living me dream, my friend !! Super cute photo !