Sunday, September 25, 2011

Final BOOBS Weigh-In

So, I had to climb down from the roof to post this blog. Yes, people, I was shouting from the rooftops!! Wanna know why?? Wanna hear the good news??? Like the totally awesome, great, wonderful, totally fabulous news????

I've entered....


So, what all have I accomplished during the Back to Basics Challenge??

  • Um, my weight doesn't begin with a 2!!! (Yesterday the scale said 199.6...and I so wanted to blog, but I waited to see if it would stick today makes it official!!!)
  • I've lost exactly 29 pounds!!!
  • I've gone down 1/2 a shoe size.
  • I can no longer wear ANYTHING that has a W begin the size.
  • I went down a cup size...(this happened yesterday, and I thought I was going to need to be medicated. I literally tried on 7 different bras hoping to stay in a D. I don't know...I miss my girls and really hope they don't continue to shrink.)
  • I am happy. And healthier.
In other news, we won our game Friday night. And I totally rocked my new jeans. Got some cat calls and whistles from my cheer leaders....made me smile!!! I love those girls. Even though we butt heads and I haven't gotten them whipped into shape just yet!!!

I found out this week that I am in charge of the football/cheer float for the homecoming parade. In three weeks. On the same day that I am photographing a wedding.

And I really had a rough day Friday. Fridays are hectic anyway, with cheer and pep rallies and games and whatnot. Then I had a conference that left me really upset and in tears. Then one of my babies noticed I looked sad and made an extra effort to check on me. THAT is what makes my job worth it.

Also, I have a new addiction. Monster Rehab. They are the bomb!!! They aren't carbonated and only have 20 calories for the whole can. I can usually be seen with one in my hand all day!!!

Ok, now I'm off to skip around the house like a little school girl.

Oh yeah, I went shopping yesterday...2 pair of size 14 pants, 4 tops - all from the MISSES section!! All XL. AND the dreaded new bra...and new glasses....also smaller!!! And I finally got me a new pair of tennis shoes today....and some new undies!!! I feel shiny and new!!!!


  1. You're awesome, Jess! :) Congrats! It feels amazing, doesn't it?

  2. Jess, that is absolutely WONDERFUL. I am so happy for you. Keep dancing.

  3. This is awesome Jess!!! YOu are doing so good. I'm so proud of you. You accomplishecd a lot during the challenge. Keep up the good work.

  4. That's ONDERFUL! I am super jealous, but excited for you. Thanks for the blogging! I love my band and can't wait to enter Onderland!


  5. WHOOP WHOOP!!! That's such great news!!! Good on you!

  6. TWENTY NINE pounds!! That is something to be so freaking proud of. Great job rockin this challenge.

    Also - congrats on Onderland! So happy for you!

  7. Jessica, I am so happy you are in Onderland! Doesn't it feel amazing! ?

  8. AWESOME!!!!.....I'm so happy for you....isn't shopping fun without the "W"???

  9. Congratulations on Onederland and what fabulous NSV's!!! I bought a c-cup bra over the weekend. *sigh*

  10. Congratulations...that's fantastic!!!

  11. Congrats Jess, My surgery is scheduled Monday!! It sounds like you're enjoying the school year!