Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012: "Ima do me."

I've been absent. I just turned my back on blogging right at Thanksgiving and never looked back. But, in order to hold myself accountable, I have returned.

2011, to say the least, was a bipolar year for me. Everything in my world turned upside down in October and I spent the rest of the year trying to pick up the pieces. This upheaval did not prove positive toward my weight loss goals. I used it as an excuse to stress eat. Anything that comes in an orange package: Cheetos, Kit Kats, mini Reeses... My weight went from onederland to 219.
Ugh. It took me a while before I pulled myself up enough to stop the craptastic eating. With the New Year, I'm falling back into my old bandster routines. I even sat down and mapped out some goals for the year. Not resolutions - but changes!!
There are some positive things to mention, weight-wise. Looking back on my journey with my band...
2 years ago:
  • I weighed 329 pounds.
  • I was wearing a size 26 pants. (And they were tight!)
  • I was wearing 3x and 4x tops, size 10 shoes and a 44DD bra.
  • I was preparing to have my first consult with my surgeon.
1 year ago:

  • I weighed 254 pounds.
  • I was wearing a size 18 pants, 1x tops, 10 shoes, and 42DD bra.
  • I was recovering from having a 5 pound, basketball-sized cyst, my right ovary, and right fallopian tube removed.

My mom is sitting to my right. People say we don't look alike.
I'm pretty sure we are twins.
  • I weigh 203 pounds.
  • I am wearing a size 14 pants (some 12s), large tops, 9-9.5 shoes, and a 38C bra.
  • I no longer am able to shop in the Women's Department at all!!

Physically I am starting this year in a much better place.

Otherwise, I am still playing the waiting game with my career. I had to write a letter to the Board of Education, basically trying to keep my certificate. I don't have a really good feeling about it. I think they are going to make an example out of me.

With that decision in the hands of some committee in our state capitol, I'm seriously considering going back to college. The thought actually excites me. But, college is a lot more expensive these days. So, it's another one of those wait and see things.

I have been keeping myself busy with some crafting stuff.
My "laboratory"
My first project - for my s-i-l

A key ring holder for the in laws

For cousin's toddler

Cars themed room

Too much time on my hands and pinterest = nail art!!

Here's to 2012 - It's gotta get better, right???


  1. I love your crafty creativity! A little envious. OMGoodness, I just posted yesterday how in 2004 I had a football sized cyst on my ovary! It was so gross!! Incredible, isn't it? You have really come a long way, now keep going. Back to Onederland where you shall remain. :) Happy New Year!!

  2. Glad you are back among the blogging. You really have come a long way, you will get back to onederland soon!!

  3. You've come so's good that you're catching yourself before it's out of control. You can get back on track. Good luck with your career and possibly going back to school! I'm sure it will all work out for the best (in the long run).

  4. 2012 WILL be better! You've already recognized that you were heading in the wrong direction with food and got that back under control. Don't give up on the school idea. Do a financial aid application (FAFSA) and see what funds are available to you and go from there!

  5. 2012 will be AMAZING! I can feel it!!! So glad to see you coming up on my dashboard!!! You've done sooo well - so keep documenting your journey! It's inspiring! :)

  6. hi! welcome back! great crafts! and I can't believe they might take your certificate!

    Have you been getting my emails?

  7. So nice to have you back. I have to admit I worry about you! Keep blogging, it's a wonderful outlet for what is happening in your life.

    I think I would be a much better college student now than then!