Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's a gremlin...I'm sure of it.

Why, oh why is it that I don't want to shove anything into my face all day. I eat balanced, decent bandster friendly meals all day - like a good girl.

And then night comes...and suddenly I'm possessed by a gremlin. I want to shove everything in my mouth. EEK!

Last night I ate Reese's cups. Meh.

I am just going to duct tape my mouth shut. Put a shocking device on the fridge and the cabinet. Something.

And, it doesn't help that my dear sweet Sanford eats a huge bowl of Banana Pudding ice cream every night. He is such a bad influence. Too bad I love him so much, or I might punch him.


  1. I'm up late(ish) for me and I feel like I need to put something in my mouth. I just ate an orange and I'm working on greek yogurt with splenda and granola. Proud of me!

  2. The gremlin gets to us all :o)

    And I like your break down for 2012 :o) that is a much better way of looking at the year than all in one big go!

  3. Reeses cups are the devil! I have a nite time gremlin too!