Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Skin or no skin?

On apples, that is. Do you eat the skin, or do you peel them first?? Personally, the skin is my favorite part. I’ve never really liked the middle. But, as I sit here – the skin doesn’t seem to be liking me very much. And I wish they didn’t brown so fast. I takes me 10 minutes to eat one wedge…and now the others are brown. =(

Yesterday’s plan was to eat a healthy supper. I had it all planned out…and then the lights went out!! Ugh. From 4:30 to 11:00 we were living the life of the pioneer. And once the batteries on our phones, lap top, iPod and Kindle died – it got pretty boring!!! And that led to a 9:00 supper of desperation – Pizza. At least I did get some butt kicking Zumba in yesterday!!

Speaking of Zumba – I have the official DVDs…and I don’t like them. I loved the songs we danced to in class last year, and after searching for ever and ever and ever I finally found some of them on youtube.

My legs started screaming with the first squat – just proving that I’ve been lazy for far too long!!! But, it felt great to sweat!!

And today, I planned out my lunches, snacks and suppers for the rest of the week. I’ve never done this – let’s see if it helps. I even drug my lazy butt to the grocery store and stocked up!! Greek yogurt, apples, lettuce, and cauliflower.

AND, I’m playing the part of the good wife!! I have Sanford’s lunches all packed for the rest of the week in little brown bags in the fridge. BTW, my new amazing fridge?? Well I still love it. But I noticed that first night that there were little shards of glass everywhere. Come to find out, one of the shelves broke during shipping or delivery and instead of replacing, they just took it out!!! So, they are bringing me a new one today!!!

I know my life is so interesting, right??


  1. I have to take apples pretty slowly now. I do eat it with the skin because that's where the fiber is. One of my favorite snacks is some popcorn with apples - both salted. Delish and low cal!

    Nice of them to let you know the shelf broke. Idiots!!! ;)

  2. Most of the time I can't eat the apple peel. :(

  3. I can't eat any skins. Potato, corn, apple, tomato, etc. Blech.

    Robin @ thebatkave.blogspot.com

  4. I haven't eaten apples to much post surgery but I could never eat the skin. I would cut the apples into slices and then eat them and stop at the skin.

  5. Your life IS interesting. :) I'm no expert, but I know I'm much more likely to eat healthy when I plan my meals. Good job!

  6. Oh, and I do eat the skin, but sometimes my granny smiths have tough skin, so I take it off. I much prefer the inside. ;)

  7. One more thing. Poor a little lemon juice or diet sprite on your apples and that will keep them from turning brown.

  8. I like the music more than the actual moves of the workout in Zumba. They bore me after a while and I start to make up my own moves during the class which tends to distract the class as my friend will start laughing lol.