Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cankles??? Seriously????

Sooooo....I've lost 26 pounds - scale hasn't moved YET - and now I have cankles??? I am retaining water like my body thinks I'm a camel!!! Does anyone else have this problem?? How do I fix it?? I drink 3-5 bottles of high quality h2o a day. Argh!!! Of course, Aunty Flo is currently visiting...which is another of my problems with being overweight has been PCOS....we are hoping weight loss will help us get pregnant. But I'd rather not have cankles!!!

This week started out rough. My wisdom teeth decided to rear their ugly heads and become infected so I had to go to the dentist Tuesday. They prescribed me some NASTY liquid antibiotics....they are helping though. The wisdom teeth MUST come out....but I think I will wait until Christmas vacation. If I can handle it that long!!!!

My first fill is Monday. I'm super excited!!!! I can't wait until the scale starts moving again!!! We upped our walking to 3 miles this week!! AND I haven't died - yet!!!! One more week of 3 miles and then I may try 4....maybe!!!! I even jogged a little bit on Thursday...that was a bit painful, but I did it!!!!!

I need to get my booty off the computer and do DH is out of underwear =)


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