Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My progression

I thought I would post a few pics from this past school year....I can look back now and see me packing the weight on!!! I blame it on a great front office that was ALWAYS feeding us...and my close proximity to a COKE machine!!! Three years ago I quit cokes - COLD TURKEY!!! But, this year I fell off the wagon!!! I am now 3 weeks sober!!!

This pic is from 2008. I was probably the smallest I've been since high school here. I had been going to a "fat doctor" at the time....of course, once I stopped going...BAM..gained almost all of my weight back!!!

This is me with some of my students...September 09

I vow to be able to wear a jersey COMFORTABLY this year!!!

This last photo is a real eye opener!!! This was taken at Prom - May 2010. Can we say BEACHED WHALE??? It that's not motivation, I don't know what is!!!!

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  1. I saw a comment from you on someone elses blog and popped on over to your blog. After reading a few of your posts (I went back to your beginning since that's where I hope to be soon) - I love you already!

    I also love the look of your blog. I adore black, white and hot pink!

    Based on your weight tracker on the front page, looks like you've done great! Looking forward to reading more of your journey.