Sunday, July 11, 2010

My first NSV(s)

Ok, the scale is still stuck. BUT I am sticking to my guns....walking 2 miles every evening. Waiting patiently for my first fill on the 19TH!!! I dreamt today that I had to go to Houston for my first fill and on the way we stopped at Olive Garden to eat. I completely forgot about the "liquids only" diet on fill day and when we got there I couldn't get a fill!!!! I guess I am pretty excited for that first fill!!!
But anywho....yesterday I spent the day at the creek with my mom. It was so nice to relax with my toes in the cool water. My parents really enjoyed watching me weird!!! They just watched me chew, chew, chew!!! We were sitting on the front porch and Mom said, "I think your boobs are getting smaller!" I had noticed it myself but wasn't when I got home I tried on a bra that I have had for a while that was waaaaaaay too small!! I have been wearing a 42DD and this bra is a I tried it on and it was just a smidge too small...I think I may be a D and half....but I was super excited!!!!!
Today was house cleaning day. I've really let the housework go since my surgery. I've been telling myself that I couldn't sweep because I might rip a stitch...LOL!!! But I cleaned like a mad woman and actually had ENERGY!!! It was wonderful!!!!
YAY FOR NSVs!!!!!!

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