Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To the the left

That's scale is moving again!!!! Thank you Dr. Speigel for my FILL!!!! I am supposed to be on liquids for 3 days....I'm not sure if "fill day" counts as day to be on the safe side I will keep drinking my shakes through Thursday.
It was very hot and humid when we walked this evening. I was sweating buckets....but it felt good. To me, walking is like crack. I couldn't walk last Friday and I was so jealous when I drove past the track and saw all of the regular walkers/runners.
I hope that pretty soon I will join the joggers - and maybe even the young gals who run bleachers. As graceful as I am I will probably break a leg....that's not in the near future!!
Next week I have to go to work to meet our new priniciPAL. I am excited about this!! I was on the interview committee and am looking forward to getting to know him. I even sent him a "welcome" card - cheesy I know!!! This is coming from a person who wrote, "howdy doody" on Facebook today. What can I say, I'm crazy!!!
On another, fill related note....I am not drinking coffee anymore. This is coming from a 2 -3 POT coffee habit. It makes my band feel funny. I don't know if it's going to last....we'll see!!

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