Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crispy Critters

We spent yesterday at a local water park. I thought I would skip the sunscreen so I could get a good tan. Bad Idea!!!!! I am one crispy critter!!!! I don't think I've ever been this burnt in my whole life.

I think all of the swimming was great exercise though!! This is a good reason to go back every weekend!! It's only $7 to swim in a spring-fed lake. We had a great time...thankfully I didn't start feeling the burn until we got home!!!

Today I am going to buy a new camera - a Canon Rebel!! I am super excited!! I love taking pictures at football games but my little Nikon isn't fast enough. Last school year I made little video collages of the football games for my was the highlight of the week - until the principal shut me down =( Apparently, because it was of no educational value it was a no go. I am hoping our new principal will have a different opinion!!!
On the band front....I've moved on to real food since my first fill. So far, so good. I'm super careful about everything I eat and I chew, chew, and chew some more. AND the scale is still moving in the right direction!!! I am currently loving my band....which is still nameless at this point.

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  1. Congrats on losing weight and I love your new camera. It looks similar to mine but mines a Fujifilm.