Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's only $

I want this necklace. Or something similar. I've been wanting a necklace that could be my "signature" piece. You know, goes with everything. I am not much of a jewelry wearer. Usually just my wedding ring, birthstone ring and watch. But I'm thinking about something like this necklace.

It's been a lazy weekend on the ponderosa. Mr. Pouty Pants aka my dear husband finally got over not going to the lake. We have just chilled here at home and had a nice quiet weekend. I finally got in the pool yesterday after a 1 week hiatus and boy did it feel nice. I'm thinking about putting on my suit in a bit and working on my tan!!!

Last night, we were talking about exercise and whatnot and I am supposed to be buying a BowFlex from my brother-in-law. Then Chris mentioned something about all of the cool exercise "games" for the Xbox Kinect. I youtubed it and I've totally changed my mind on the Bowflex!! I will be the proud owner (hopefully) of a Kinect TOMORROW!! I think I kind of pissed my BIL off but you know what?? I DON'T CARE!! It's my money and I'm pretty sure I will get more use out of the Kinect. There are a lot of exercise games: Biggest Loser, Zumba, and all the dance games (including the Michael Jackson experience...oh yeah!!)

AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE all my new followers!!!! You guys are the best and give the BEST advice!!

Have a lovely Sunday!!! (OH EM GEE Chris just said, "Well, I need to go work on the lawn mower"...guess there goes pool time...ugh. FML.  But, on the upside, pushing that raggedy lawn mower for an hour will be a helluva workout.)


  1. Oooh fun about the Kinect! We have a PS3, I should look into some exercise games for it.

  2. Mowing the lawn IS a great workout. :) Woohoo for you deciding not to buy the bowflex out of obligation, if you're not going to use it why waste the money, I say!

  3. I have that necklace and the matching bracelet and I love it! Maybe it could be your goal weight present to yourself? :)

  4. Hi Jessica, I just noticed you're a new follower on my blog so I thought I'd pop over and say hello. :)

    The necklace is very pretty. Simple & elegant... it seems perfect for someone who doesn't typically wear much jewelry.

    Have a great week!

  5. I do love the necklace, and a quiet weekend at home is always a good thing!!

    Way to go on purchasing what you want and need - and not something you may have felt obligated to buy!!

  6. Love the necklace and may be looking at something like that myself.....The xbox should be a good workout.

  7. That necklace is so cute! I have four necklaces I rotate in and out but two have broken clasps (boo - gotta get those fixed). Yardwork is a great workout.