Sunday, June 19, 2011

Houston, we have a....Rash???

Last week I was having some chafing, heat rash, prickly heat issues...and here is my very first TMI post....under my ta-tas and at the  top of my thigh. Who would think that 109 pounds later I would be having these issues??

So, I researched and researched on the Internet and all the sites said. "Lose weight - it will decrease the risk of heat rash" Are you KIDDING ME????

But anywho...I've tried every idea. Cornstarch, Calamine, Desitin, Hyrdrocortisone, etc, etc.

The actual heat rash is GONE. Everything on that front is A-ok. BUT NOW I'm COVERED in a red bumpy super duper itchy rash. It's EVERYWHERE but my arms, face and feet. And it's still spreading. Did I mention it itches???

I will be up with the chickens in the morning and headed to the doctor to he can tell me what this is and FIX it. IF I don't scratch all my skin off before then!!!


  1. UGH! I hope the doctor can help you out. I had something like that about a month ago but I figured out that my sports bras were just not working when I sweat because there is too much skin to skin contact. I hope you are feeling better!!

  2. that doesn't sound like heat rash anymore. Let us know what the doc says!!

  3. Hi! Saw you were following me and wanted to return the favor. Did you, by any chance, use sunscreen and then get in a pool? Both my sister and my daughter have had this happen to them this year, using different sunscreens in different pools. May be some new ingredient they're using? Just thought I'd ask.

  4. I was very worried that the doc was going to tell me that I was having some kind of reaction to the chemicals in our pool. I swim/float everyday. BUT fortunately I'm in the clear for swimming. I am, however going to wait until this clears up some because the sun makes me super itchy!!