Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jillian Michael's Protein schtuff...

So I am currently CHOKING down my first glass of the Jillian Michael's protein drink. I followed the instructions on the can...8 ounces of water, a few ice cubes and a scoop of powder. The first sip tasted like slightly flavored water. So I put a little more powder in, another trip through the blender and VOILA!! Only a bit more flavor.

Is there a trick to make this stuff drinkable?? Enjoyable?? My special K shakes were rich and creamy (and obviously full of stuff I don't need! Which is probably why they were so yummy!!)

Since we didn't go to the lake this weekend I am hoping to get a little more work done in my newly renovated home office. We have two spare bedrooms...both were complete disaster areas!!! I picked the "cleanest" one and spent an entire day in there...culling out 8 years of JUNK!!! Now, it resembles some sort of order. So the next step is to move my desk (that I got for Free!!) in there, set up the printer blah blah blah. That is, if I can pull Mr. Pouty Pants away from the XBox!! I also want to put our extra TV in there along with my BoFlex (that I will be picking up as soon as I get my stupid paycheck cashed.) SO it's going to double as an office and my workout hideout!!!

On the upside, my rash is completely gone!! I took the last of my meds this morning. So, this evening I will finally get to start my Couch to 5K program!!! It's on like a chicken bone now ladies!!!

And here are three kiddos...Chihuahua babies!!!

Taco Bell aka Doggie Smalls
Chris rescued him from a Meth Lab!!

Chico aka MoMo
Our "first born"

Maya aka Boot Girl
The "middle child"


  1. Oooh love Maya!!! (well, all three really, but just love the black and tan!)

    As for the protein shake, I don't use that kind, but seriously, just try different ones until you find what you like. A good powder should be 20g or more of protein and low carbs and around 120'ish calories.

    Also - try making smoothies maybe plain unflavored protein powder, plain yogurt and fruit. Look up smooth recipes on google.

  2. I LOVE the JM protein shake. I use milk, and it is quite good. Just milk and the powder. You should try it that way. It is the best tasting shake I've found. I like the vanilla the best, but the choc is also good. Anyway, I tend to not like any protein powder mixed with water, so try it with 1% milk and let me know what you think!

  3. I am with wallflower all the way...MILK. And I really like it blended. Sometimes I add a drop of mint to it for a mint chocolate flavor.

    Sometimes I will add some yogurt. I never liked any protein powder with water. Except fruit flavored and I never liked them.

    That being said. I never liked protein powders much and I rarely use them!

  4. you can try putting some sugar free pudding in it.

  5. I use almond milk with my protein powders, although sometimes I used dairy milk instead. But I never never use just water, even if they say so, because frankly all shakes made with water taste like poo. At least any that are vanilla, cookies and cream or chocolate flavors, which are all the ones I like best...

  6. I agree, I do it with milk and it's alot better!

    Great job cleaning out the room, just think - more calories burned while doing that! AND you get a great new office.

  7. Great job cleaning the room - it's good to be able to have a space just for you!

    And I loved the name, "Mr. Pouty Pants"!!! I'm going to remember that one!

  8. Your dogs are adorable!! Try Unjury Protein Powder. A few cubes and wwater or milk and it tastes really good. I also add half a banana. You have to order it online. Good luck!!

  9. So glad your rash is gone I know that you are so excited about that. I downloaded the couch to 5k app to my iphone but have yet to start. I think I am silly I know.

    Hmmm the protein powder is gonna take time to perfect to your tastes. As I have said before the thick milk ones just arnt for me so I use water and sometimes banana, sf pudding, sf torani syrup, natural peanut butter, peanut butter powder that you can find online and see what stores near you carry it. You should also check out theworldaccordingtoeggface blog. she is awesome with the recipes shakes and others.

    Good Luck.

  10. Aaaawww...your dogs are so cute! I can't choke down the protein shakes so I'm afraid I'm no help there.