Monday, June 27, 2011

Word of the day: PRODUCTIVITY!!!

Well ladies, let me tell YOU something!!!

The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout for Kinect is AHHHH-MAZING!!! You start out with a little "test" to see what level you should start at. (I scored moderate - which was disappointing at first, but once I got into the workout...YIKES!!) Then they do a body scan - it takes your measurements and you set your goals. (I decided I would like to lose 30 pounds in 12 weeks...dream big, right??) Then you move on to your first workout. You chose the length of the workout...I chose 30 minutes. It was 30 minutes of butt busting exercise!!! I was pouring in sweat at the end. AND it felt great!!

So, obviously I bought a Kinect today. After 45 minutes of use I can already say it is totally worth it!! After my workout I had to help two little lunch ladies with some spreadsheet issues!! My mother-in-law and aunt that live next door/across the street. Then a light lunch - watermelon!! I'm not really sure that just fruit for lunch is the best choice...but if satisfied me and I'm still not hungry. Then a quick dip in the pool to cool off (and get my daily dose of funshine - a MUST!!) 

After my swim I came home and started washing clothes and cleaning up a little. While I was elbow deep cleaning the toilet some kids (one was a former student - here I was looking a HOT MESS!!) came by to tell me about Vacation Bible School at a local church. I bet I looked like a wild woman with the toilet bowl cleaner in my hand and my puppies threatening to bite their ankles off!!! I then swept, mopped and wiped down the counter tops in the kitchen.

PRODUCTIVITY!!! Who knew that a quick morning workout could leave me feeling so amazing!!!

I ♥ endorphins!!

"Half-assed at the gym {or your living room} is better than whole-assed on the sofa."


  1. The workout sounds amazing! Great job.

  2. I love your quote at the end! LOL

    Sounds like you had a great workout. :)

  3. Love the quote!! hahahahaha!!

  4. Love that quote!! You were a busy woman today for sure!!

  5. Sounds like a fun workout! I love that quote too, haha!

  6. Love it!! My husband might kill me..but I want a Kinect now!!

  7. I love the quote at the bottom!

    The Kinect sounds fun...I just know I wouldn't use it because I'm a slacker and just can't seem to get motivated to work out at home *sigh*