Friday, June 17, 2011

Still alive and kicking!!!

So I am a lazy bum who completely abandoned my blog!!!! I occasionally would stalk other blogs but never comment or post.

I blame the second semester chaos!!! (Excuses, excuses) But I had Relay for Life, TAKS, Prom... But now that I am off for the summer I am committing myself back to blogging!!!!

Today is my one year bandiversary!! It is hard to believe that a year has passed. That had to be without a doubt the LONGEST day of my entire life!!! I am so glad I didn't chicken out at the last minute. I wouldn't trade my band for anything in the whole world!!!

I've lost a total of 109 pounds...which is crazy!!! I haven't been this "little" since probably junior high!!!

I am enjoying my summer vacation...trying hard to eat right and exercise. It is so hard because it is so blooming hot here!!! I started walking the track once the weather warmed up in April and now I can RUN (I run the length of the football field and walk the curves.) AND I even RUN BLEACHERS!!! I remember last summer right after surgery I started walking in the evenings. I would see young girls running bleachers and I told my friend, "One day that will be me." Of course, at that time I really didn't believe it. Then one afternoon I was at the track all by myself and decided, "What the heck?" So I did it!!! And then I became addicted. I have gotten out of the routine lately because of the heat. But I vow to get my butt out of bed and be at the track by 5:30 starting Monday.

I also plan on joining a gym this summer. I only get paid once a month so next week I'm taking the plunge. I had started doing Zumba in January and I absolutely LOVED it. I have NO rhythm what-so-ever but I didn't care. It got my heart pumping and made me feel good. Unfortunately they cancelled the class. BUT I think I've decided that Curves is my best option and they have Zumba we shall see.

This is my "seriously?" face.

I really need to work on toning up my arms. They are pretty pathetic. My legs, however are apparently really toned (and tanned - because in my mind being tan makes you look smaller!). The last week of school I was able to wear shorts (which I would have NEVER done a year ago) and I got a lot of compliments (even some catcalls!!). I guess those bleachers are paying off...I suppose I could start "running" them on my hands!!!!

On the band front: I haven't had a fill since January (eek!!) but I go in on July 18th. I am sure I am going to get an ear full from my surgeon. I also have another follow up with my GYN on the 30th of this month and an appointment with a fertility specialist on the 7th of July. AND I need to go for my one year blood work AND to the dentist....UGH...I am not a fan of doctors and it seems that I've seen more of my fair share in the last year.

Ok, so I think I've rambled enough to make up for my months and months of absence!!! So I will leave you with a few pictures. (I have found that I am more eager to pose for the camera these days!!!)

                                                        Me and my kiddos at Relay.



  1. Thanks for following my blog!! I hope that you do keep blogging, from what I've read so far I really want to read more!!! :-)

  2. Yay! Thanks for following my blog! I am with Leslie..hope you keep blogging!

    Looking forward to getting to know you! Congrats on the weight loss my dear! That is awesome!

  3. You should be more eager, you're doing awesome, lady. :)

    Glad you posted!

  4. Thanks for following my blog!!! Just started following your blog - you have done amazingly well! Good on you for running up those bleachers!!! Your an inspiration! :)