Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Itchies are Almost Gone!!

I am going to have to buy my PCP a present...the steriods/anti-fungal meds are doing their thang!!! The rash is leaving and so are the itchies!! And that is just after two doses. I now can see why my mom taped socks to my hands when I had the chicken pox. Chris - my wonderfully supportive hubby - threatened to do the same thing Sunday. I'm sorry, but if it itches, I'm gonna scratch!!!

I have a question!! I don't know how many of you ladies are able to eat in the morning. It's an absolute NO NO for me. I've tried several times but it almost always ends in DISASTER. Especially eggs...if I try to eat an egg before 11 AM I turn into SLIMER!!!! You know, I've never actually PB'd....but I have foamed and slimed and all that lovely stuff. Now, on to my question (I am beginning to think I have adult ADD - no kidding!!! I am extremely distractable...it drives my students crazy...oops, there I went again.)

Anyway!! I was wondering what kinds of protein shake you ladies prefer??? I have been drinking the Special K Chocolate shakes since I was banded! I have one almost every morning (except on the weekends when I am a bad bandster and skip breakfast - or at least replace it with 4 cups of java). The Special K shakes have 190 calories; 29 g of carbs; 18g of sugar; and 10g of protein. I honestly don't have a clue if this is the best choice or if I'm getting too much of something and not enough of something else. They come in 10 oz bottles and it is getting to the point where they don't keep me satisfied until lunch and I go searching for a snack. Confession: I don't always make great snack choices and a lot of the time I will eat a little bag (or 2) of Cheetos (my ultimate sin).

My nutritionist told me that I should stay away from protein shakes that come from powder because they have a tendency to irritate the band. But I have read many blogs where people buy powders...so IDK?? I have also tried the Slim Fast (drinkable but I don't really care for them) and the Atkins (HORRIBLE). I haven't tired Muscle Milk because $8 for a four-pack is just more than I want to pay!!!

So, if any of you have any advice...please send it my way!!!  ¡Muchas gracias!

On an unrelated note: we got RAIN!! Glorious droplets of water falling from the sky!!! It has been so hot and dry here this summer...we are actually in a 22 inch rain deficit. It has been miserable!! We have a place on the lake (actually resevoir) about 75 miles from here and it is at least 6 ft. low. The lake is our home away from home but it has been hard to enjoy it this year!!! I am so thankful for the rain. I almost ran outside and played - but it was also thundering and lightening like crazy and I didn't feel like being charbroiled!!!

Me and Chris after his Alumni Football game in April.
Imagine a bunch of 30 somethings playing
60 minute of full contact football.
It was a hoot!!


  1. Great photo!! I too have a football "baby"! And having the itchies gone is always a good thing!!

  2. I would say your current protein shake doesn't have enough actual protein in it. We buy the worldwide protein shakes and I think there is 23g of protein in them and they don't taste too bad.

    I have never had a problem with protein powder nor have I heard that it irritates the band so I don't know, maybe try it out and see if it works for you?

  3. I ABHOR protein shakes but I'll give my 2 cents. I think your current shake has too much carb and not enough protein. I've never heard that the powders can irritate the band (I also find most nutritionists actually don't know much about band eating...just healthy eating) so you may want to give a powder a shot..they tend to have more protein in them.

    Glad your itchies are feeling better!

  4. I am with Panda...I don't like protein shakes. But I also agree yours does not have enough protein and to much carbs. The powder has never upset my band. Taste buds yes..band no.

    I like Click powder..it has a slight coffee flavor but it is pricy. I also like the jillian michaels one from walmart in Chocolate. If I blend it in the blender with a little milk and ice. Sometimes I add coffee to that as well.

    I can not eat breakfast in a normal sence. I have coffee...wait, then I might have a string cheese eaten really slowly (10g) or a greek yogurt (14g). I love greek yogurt because it doesn't taste like fake sugary stuff to me. But some people do not like it.

    My doc doesn't like me NOT to snack. That being said he wants me to make a good choice. Cheese or some nuts and in portions. If I wait and then am so hungry that I make a bad choice or eat to fast..then I am un happy with myself.

  5. Ok here comes my two cents...I don't get any protien shake that has less than 20grams of protien and I don't want my protien shake to take up that many calories or carbs so the least the better. I also have never heard that powders are bad for the band, as a mater of fact powders are promoted over premade shakes due to the fact that you can control the calories and carbs. When I was first banded I did buy a few of the light premade EAS shakes but after a half of one I stopped drinking them. The shake coated my tongue and teeth and had to go brush. The powder I use is Max protien powder when made with water(and yes it tastes good) it only contains 118 cal and 25 grams of protien which makes it easier to keep up with getting to my 75 grams a day. You wil have to try different powders to see the ones you like. Max protein powder you can only get online and at some GNC stores. Oh and GNC doesn't carry samples but if you dont like the taste keep the recipt and bring it back. I have done that once without issue. Another thing ask your local GNCs if they offer a discount to band patients as mine does....20 percent.

    I am so happy to hear that the meds are working. Watch out here comes the nurse in me....be sure and finish your meds unless the doctor says otherwise. Sometimes people will stop taking meds after they are feeling better,which can only make the infection worse, please finish all meds to kill the infection. Sorry for the soap box.....just the nurse in me I guess.

    Looks like you are doing great keep up the great work.....

  6. Yep, as the others have said, your special K protein has too many carbs and too little protein. I use the 100% pure whey protein powder in chocolate. I mix it with 1C of skim milk and it rings it around 30G of protein. I don't drink my protein though unless I've had a fill, but this is my goto protein powder.

  7. I drink shakes from powder abut I have the bypass. But I love the click protein! Its coffee flavored and yummy. I cannot eat until after 10 at all. I slime slime slime. I was heard of priming the band by drinking a bit before eating, but I tried that and it doesn't work for me. Thanks for the follow I am following back!