Wednesday, July 20, 2011


NO, my scale isn't doing a magic trick. I'm holding steady at 222.2. That is how much my stupid $#*!ing door handle cost ME. It wasn't the fault of the guy at the lube shop. He was just the one who "touched it last" Stupid GM and their stupid plastic parts. Seriously, let's make the thing on the vehicle that is touched the most out of crappy plastic.

AND when I went to pick it up we were early. So, my mother-in-law said take me to Sonic so I can get a burger. Then I had to sit and smell it, and watch and listen (smack smack smack) to her eat it. Argh. But I can home, heated up 1/2 cup of my potato soup. AND I was "finished" before I was finished!!! WOOT!!

NSV: I tried on the work pants I was wearing when school let out....size 16. Guess what?? ALL too big!!! Hurrah!!! Size 14 here I come!!!

I did the first night of Couch25k last night. I was sweating bullets and wanting to quit by the 2nd 60 second run...but I didn't. I finished it and LOVED myself afterwards!!!!

I was also able to share my story with a beautiful 21 year old "girl" who is struggling with the decision to have surgery or not. It makes me happy to be able to help others by sharing my experiences. This lap band thang rocks!!


  1. *GRUMBLE!!!* I want size 14. I HATE that I carry my weight in my hips and thighs. Sorry - I had to vent. Everyone's moving down in the pants department but me. :(((

    Anywho, sorry about you having to pay for the handle... I'd say "stupid GM" too, but my daddy works for them. So I feel like I shouldn't say that out loud. lol

  2. I am so glad you had the chance to help someone see the benefits.
    Sometimes I see people and they are so overweight they have trouble walking. I really wish it was appropriate for me to go up to them put my arm around them and tell them how happy they would be if they considered WLS. But I don't because I know if someone had done that to me I would have taken it as an insult instead of an act of love. But really, what I would give to have done this 10 years or more ago. I just never was something I thought about until this last Christmas.

  3. Like Robyn, I'm so glad you were able to share your journey with someone else. I wish so much that I could talk to others about it, but honestly as Robyn said, it's a personal choice and I would have been offended before becoming educated about the process if someone had suggested I have WLS.

  4. It's cause we have all auto parts made oversees and shipping them back over here is so expensive. And oversees places don't give a pooey if they make good quality shit. Stupid auto parts.

    Well, at least you got the 'good news' of the size 14 to brighten your day! Congrats!!!

  5. Couch25K !!! I can only fantasize about that (and about size 14 pants) ... you are doing great ! Can't knock the auto dealer .... they buttered my bread for many years (why does every thing I do revolve around food?)... you go !

  6. Great progress on the C25k program! And WAHOO for size 14's!

  7. That's awesome! At least if you're not seeing the scale move you're seeing smaller sizes!!!

  8. Sounds like you're all good ......

    Cars are expensive!

  9. That's awesome starting the C25k program. That is totally my goal (just to start, how sad is that). And as soon as my house is unpacked and I have a treadmill I'm so there with you!