Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer is killing me!!!

I swear, before the summer is over I'm going to just fall out. My sleep schedule is all wacky. We don't go to bed until 11:30 or 12:00. Then it's up at 5 to get the hubby off to work. I nap a little in the morning...and then a little in the afternoon. I need one block of sleep...not a bunch of naps. Ugh.

Daddy update: he went to the doctor today. BP was 180/108...so he had blood work, EKG, and a chest xray. The doctor sent him home with meds and he has to go back on Thursday. Until then he has to rest - which means no work!!! I know it's killing him to stay home, but he really needs the R & R.

Being the wonderful wife that I am, I went to town today and bought my DH NCAA 12. So, now I'm a XBox widow!! He looks forward to this game all year. To him, it signifies the beginning of football season. This, coming from a man who never ever watched football on Sundays (and still rarely does). BUT, he does love college ball. He says at the college level the boys still play for the love of the game. He is also planning to take a day off when high school two-a-days start (in less than 3 weeks!!)...because, after all,we live in Texas. Here high school football is a religion.

Even though I drive 45 minutes one-way to work everyday and could make a lot more money if I worked at a school closer to home, I wouldn't. I love my small school - but above all else I love the football program.


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  2. Well you def. need to stay where you love it! Man...to nap during the day!! I want a nap right now! I've only been up for about 1.5 hours!

  3. Napping in the afternoon is a little slice of heaven in my book. Wish I could do it more often.

  4. You should watch the documentary 'Boys of Fall' by Kenny Chesney. Yes, it's a movie and a song. (If you haven't seen it already.) My husband just sits downstairs and watches it over and over. Then jumps up ready to try out for our college team (even though his way to old). It really is an awesome and inspirational movie, but all about football!