Monday, July 25, 2011

Why, thank you!!

So, I received a compliment yesterday from Chris's not-so-gracious family. They said I was "looking good." Not to my face, of course.  In front of my mother-in-law who relayed it to me. These are the same people who will smile to your face while waiting for the first opportunity to stab you in the back.(I could rant and rave about them all day, but I won't!!)  I must confess, I do say some not-so-nice things about these people....but geez, they can be just plain rotten. Of course, I think all of the negativity makes their lives miserable. I mean, who wouldn't be miserable??? I can't live my life being a Negative Nancy!!!! I like to think of myself as a Positive Patty....MOST of the time!!! (Hence the overwhelming number of exclamation points in my life!!!)

And my Daddy (who's blood pressure is right on target these days) saw me and said, "Well hey there slim!" He always makes me smile =)

I ordered a Syntrax sampler pack on Saturday. Some "juicy" style protein powder. I'm back on the Special K pre-mixed chocolate stuff....even if it doesn't have enough protein at least I don't gag when I drink it!! (Even though Chris says it's not supposed to taste good and I should just suck it up!!!)

I'm on day two of not being very hungry at all. (Hallelujah!!) Yesterday I had a protein shake around 11 and then I picked at a grilled chicken salad for supper. (Oh, and I ate the edge off of ONE brownie.) I am currently sipping on a shake now...just because my tummy was making some really strange noises!!!

It's weird, because some days I feel that if I don't eat I will pass out...and others I could care less about food at all. I wonder why that is???

For now I have to get dressed and go do the grownup thing: pay bills...barf. Toodles!!!!


  1. Are you just too tight to eat in the morning, or is there another reason for the shake? I feel like if you're not getting any protein out of it (which you said there were what - 3 gms?) then it's not really worth the wasted calories. Of course, it's up to you - but it might hold back your weight loss. :(

    Also, don't let what your hubby's family has said in the past upset you, it's just focus on the "lookin' good" comment. :)

  2. I think your Dad's comment totally rocks! He is awesome. It's the great love of kind people that makes life better.

    My minister once said that misery doesn't love needs company. Those negative people want to bring you to their level. are way above their level.

    Sounds like your body is still adjusting to that last fill. I like you am not a big fan of protein shakes. I just found one that is yummy. I literally have at least 1 a day and it has 24 grams of protein. I will look at the name when I get home and e-mail it to you.

  3. I love when people notice my weight loss! Makes the effort totally worth it.

    Avoid negative nellies as much as you can. They can totally corrupt your psyche.

    I SO wish I were feeling your "couldn't care less about food" thing. Even after this last fill...not so much.

  4. It is hard to be positive around such negative people. My mother always said "kill em with kindness" Easier said than done!

    You are doing a great job! Glad you daddy is doing better!

  5. I have a person that I love more than life (my daughter) that can really be a negative nelly. It is hard because you can't change people and it pulls all the happiness right out of you. She totally gets it from her father. His negative outlook on life is a big part of our divorce (another was my weight- he is very into skinny women).
    I notice a lot of you ladies drink protein shakes in the mornings. I have not had one since I went off liquids. I had to choke them down then.

  6. WHoa - what about the awesome weight loss this past week (I love charts) !!! <-- I am also a multi-!!! person ... honestly, the negativity in some / many people will outright shorten their life ... sad ... but YOU - you keep pullin in those compliments :)

  7. Just ignore the negatives. My dad/step-mom have yet to notice/say anything. It irks me, but I just try to shake it off, and and remember all the positive comments I've gotten. :)

  8. *Newest Follower*

    I saw you came by my blog, thanks :)

    My Dad's compliments have always meant the most to me becuase I know they are genuine! At least you've identified the in-laws as negative so you can take it all with a grain of salt!

  9. Ahhhh in-laws! Us married people sadly have to have them! I would be using that as motivation to keep going hard!

    As for babies.... the band has worked for so many of us with fertility issues. I am living proof after 4 years of trying.

    I look forward to following your journey.