Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back to Basics - Week 4 & Productivity

IDK why it's sideways....
 So I hopped out of bed this morning, did my weigh-in first thing (a loss of 4.2 pounds this week...woot!) and instead of camping out in front of the computer I became a house cleaning machine!!! I dusted, swept, mopped, did laundry. And not just the living room and the kitchen...bedroom and bathroom too!!! I feel accomplished!!!

Now for the rest of the day I plan to be super lazy!!! My sweet hubby took the trash to the dump (he is still sweet even though he didn't want to go to the store and get detergent and batteries for me!!!)

Last night while watching True Grit (the new one - I liked it!!) I ate supper. I had two pieces of smoked turkey breast and two snack bags of Cheetos. Yes, they are my weakness...and that is why I only bought the snack size bags!!! If I bought a big bag then the thought of them in the cabinet would consume me!!! I actually only ate one slice of turkey (first bite was too big, didn't chew enough and it was slime city!!!) And the dogs shared one of the bags of all in all  not too bad!!!!

I guess today officially starts my "birthday week" but as I get older I kinda just want to forget about it!!! Although I am sticking to my original idea of aging Saturday I will be 29!!! Hubby has plans to take me out "somewhere other that Casa Olé" which is our usual haunt. We will probably end up at Gander Mtn. and Academy...because every time we go to the "big city" we always have to go!!!

Well, as you can tell, life is boring around here. So, I'm off to be a bum. Have a fantabulous Sunday!!!


  1. Holy wow! That is awesome if I was you I would jump for joy and then celebrate with a carrot lol

  2. Thats awesome...keep up the good work!

  3. Great loss this week, Jess.

  4. Happy late birthday! (Or is it today? Ugh, I'm horrible with dates.)

    GREAT loss this week - keep doing what you're doing!

  5. 4.2 pounds and then you cleaned! Awesome.

  6. Congrats on the weight loss this week! Way to go! BTW...I love Cheetos too...shhhh! :-)

  7. What a fantastic loss! Keep it up!

  8. You might change your mind as you get older (like me). I'm 47 and 1/2 :) And I celebrate my bday all month long :) You're awesome !

  9. holy giggles, you make me laugh.

    First: Congrats on the HUGE loss! that's just totally tubular!
    Second:My hubby and I watch True Grit last weekend. He loves those type of 'new' westerns.
    Third: Gander mtn.....funny, every time we go to Kansas City we have to go to Cabela's. now they're building one in Wichita, not 10 miles from our house. I'll never see Ryan again.