Friday, July 8, 2011

Today is the big Day!!!

My hubby's big day. He tests for a job at a local plant. We live on the "refinery corridor" (I totally just made that up). From Lake Charles to Houston there are a ton of plants....refineries mostly - Chevron, Exxon, blah blah blah. Today he tests for DuPont - I think this plant makes plastic or something or the other. But anywho, everyone who is anyone works in a plant. Those people who live in the big brick houses are all "plant people." He is so nervous!!! He told me the other night this test is worth at least $60,000 a year. I have tried to keep him from psyching himself out about it...but I know he is scared!!

Of course, this means that he is in my hair  home with me today. Crimping my summer style!! But that's ok, I guess!!

I've been so lazy this week. I don't know why. Maybe ovulating makes me sluggish??? Sure, that sounds like a good excuse!!! I have gotten my workouts in...just one per day instead of the three I planned. I don't know why I can't get motivated. I guess because I have hit the point in my journey where I have to work to hard for the scale to move - the instant results of last summer are long gone.

NSV alert...yesterday I was driving down the highway and noticed my bicep. It is pretty. Unfortunately, the jingly jangly flab monster otherwise known as a tricep leaves something to be desired. Why oh why is that one muscle soooo hard to tone???? Not to mention my lower abdomen!!!???!! Ick. And I'm starting to notice some serious elefante skin on my inner thighs. I guess daisy dukes are out of the picture - but that's ok. I'm too told for that anyway!!! (SO I guess that was a NSV and whinefest all rolled into one!!!)

Now, I am going to step away from the computer and do something productive. Maybe!!

It's Friday!!!


  1. Sending your hubs positive vibes for the test. Enjoy your summer. It's okay to relax.

  2. Fingers crossed for the test! Also - I'm in the same boat with the shorty shorts. I dislike the thighs!!

  3. Jessica,
    I will send your hubby good thoughts all day.

    Just enjoy "Summer vacation" mode. I know I would if I could. For some reason they try to make me show up at work every day. Sad Face.

    Daisy Dukes are so 70's anyway.

  4. Triceps ARE the hardest to tone. I HATE it.

    Good luck to your husband! :)

  5. Sending good vibes to your Hubs - and prayers too!

  6. Hope your hubby did well!

    Great NSV!