Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yep, I'm aging backwards...

So I made the executive decision to start aging backwards. Today I am not turning 31...I'm 29!! It's my body, so I can do what I want to...right???

I fear this Sunday's BOOBS weigh-in will be a catastrophe... peanut M&M's to drown my sorrows on Thursday, birthday lunch with Mom yesterday, cake last night, birthday dinner with the hubs (who wants a cute "blog nickname" like Rambo!) and maybe more cake. Oh well, it's not like I eat like this all the time. Once a year to splurge!!!

We decided last night that I will make an appointment with my GYN on Monday. I want him to go over my blood work results with me, consult about the cysts on my ovary and if he feels surgery is necessary I want HIM to perform it. I trust him and his scalpel. I barely have a scar from the last surgery. Then I want him to refer me to another specialist for a second opinion. The alternative is me picking one out of the yellow pages - not a good idea!!

I think if there is some miraculous chance that we will be able to get pregnant I still want to pursue adoption. There are just so many children out there that I would love to be able to give one a chance at life. I had a Sunday School teacher in high school that struggled with fertility, decided to adopt and while the birth mom was carrying their daughter, she became pregnant. They were blessed with two daughters, 6 months apart!!

Yesterday Mom took me birthday shopping. It has been a tradition since I started teaching that we go to Manning's and I get to pick out "school supplies!" I think this is the sole reason I became a teacher...I love school supplies!! We then took off to the mall for school clothes. I am proud to say that I bought 5 pairs of pants....all size 14!! AND 5 tops...size XL!! AND a new pair of shoes...size 9!!! Which is crazy...I was wearing a size 10 before...and when I tried on the 10's they were way too big!!! NSVs make me happy!!! Now all I have to do is have my personal tailor (my mother-in-law) hem my pants. I must have the strangest inseam because petite and short sizes are too short, but regulars are too long. Weirdness!!!!

I also have a closet full of clothes that I need to take the time and take pics of for the Sisterhood. Stay tuned, if you are a size 16-18 will I have some "teacher-ish" clothes for you!!! Most of them have been worn just one or two times...if that!!!

Now, I'm off to make myself to my birthday lunch and a trip to Wally world. (Hubs already bought me a stick mixer....and it makes my Syntrax shakes drinkable!!!) Then a birthday nap and pool time.


  1. Happy Birthday! I know it's a really difficult time for you, but it sounds like you are finding some joy in turning back time on the birthday clock!

  2. Happy Birthday. Leos Rule!
    Shopping for 'school clothes' is one thing I really miss now that I have no kids in school anymore..... Maybe I should think about becoming a teacher :-)

  3. Happy Birthday! I love school supplies too! And hey... I'm a teacher who wears a 16/18!!

    I am excited for you guys for the adoption process. Have you thought about a surrogate? Seems like that is becoming more widely accepted these days.

    mmmmm. pb m&ms!!!

  4. Happy birthday Jess! I like the adoption idea. My mom got sick after me and wasn't able to have more kids so she adopted my younger brother. I could bot imagine life without him!!! And your right so many kids need homes!

  5. Happy Birthday, Lovely Lady!!! I hope you enjoyed your day!!

    29 + a couple "extra" (((hugggsss))) for YOU!

  6. Happy Birthday-I like the idea of aging backwards-I am going to adopt that practice from now on:)

  7. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a really great day celebrating YOU!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!!!! I'm right behind you. I think I will say that I'm not turning 31 next month either I'll be 29 too! :)

    I've heard that happens a lot when people adopt they stop trying to get pregnant and then end up having a baby!

  9. Happy late birthdayyy! :)

    I'm in 16-18 in jeans, woohoo - will be looking out for your post. ;)