Saturday, July 16, 2011


So I had this post in my head last night. It even had a "back story." But, I didn't blog it and now it has flown away. Far, far away. I guess now that I am less than two weeks from officially being "in my 30's" I have some-timers. Heaven help me!!! (Although I have seriously contemplating aging backwards!! So yea, I will be 29 in two weeks!!)

I spent the day taking care of my grandparents. It is really the easiest and most enjoyable "job." I finally activated my Kindle app and spent the day reading Jaycee Dugard's Memoir. If you followed her story, or even if you didn't it's a pretty good read.

I am currently TRYING to watch her interview with Diane Sawyer...but a combination of abcnews and my stupid Verizon Internet are driving me crazy. Ugh.

SO, I am pretty sure my band has gotten the memo that we are going in for a fill Monday, because suddenly I have nice restriction and I'm not getting hungry every few hours. Stupid trick. I'm still going for a fill!! I blame the weather or hormones or something on this new found restriction.

Now I am going to throw my pretty pink Dell into the front yard and stomp it to bits. This will count for cardio, right??? Argh!!!


  1. I love my Kindle ! I still go to the library (and can't wait until my little cheesy library will allow me to download their books onto the Kindle). Don't fret (how's that for an old fogey word) about aging ... it's all in the mind ! Have a great day !

  2. Ha- I am always considering throwing my laptop in the yard and stomping it.
    I have the EReader. It is pretty nice too. The screen is bigger and it is touch sensative so I change pages that way. However, you can't download to it remotely. I need to plug into a computer and get my books from ELibrary.
    I bougth People magazine to read Jaycee's interview in that. I am considering buying the book. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.
    I am with CeCe though- somtimes I still go to the library to change things up. I do't miss having a physical book inmy hands but sometimes that is nice too.
    Have a great Sunday!

  3. Any big plans for the big day? :)