Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Killing Time

I got a last minute call this morning to come and sit with my grandparents today. So, here I sit - waiting for 4:00...then I will go sit at my mom's and wait for the satellite repairman. She's having a fit because Swamp People come on tonight!!! She told me today, "I've GOT to watch Swamp People. It's like Dallas." That's what I call surefire obsession!!! But it's cute!!

AND we are having a girls' night out tomorrow. This is a big deal because neither of us ever go out after dark. BUT we are going to meet the people from the there is an exception.

I made the executive decision yesterday to speed up the post-fill diet. So last night I had about 2 ounces of very tender pork chop...that I chewed it to oblivion - no problemos. For lunch today I had one (count 'em ONE) turkey sausage. I was seriously satisfied with only one. (Can we say green zone, perhaps??)

Tonight is night two of C25K. My thighs are not screaming quite as loudly today...I guess that is why they suggest you skip a day between runs.

My newest goal: Lay off the exclamation points. I seriously think I'm addicted to them!! <--SEE I can never just put one...because I am just so excited all the time.

Oh, and I thought I would share last night's dream with you. (I think this is now going to be my outlet for all dreams crazy and you guys can interpret them for me!!) 

I was in some small town where everyone knew everyone...Mayberry?? A company had built a giant spaceship/flying saucer thing and it was the grand opening. Almost everyone in the town went, but I didn't. I was suspicious of the whole thing. Inside people were playing games and whatnot then at some point they all had to climb in their very own tank of gel-goo stuff. These people were going to steal their skin. They came and got me, drug me aboard but I managed to escape. They then used a bunch of clones to try to lure me back to the ship, but I buckled myself to the side of a building. In the middle of the night the ship took off. It shook the ground and there were flashes of bright light. All of the townspeople that were left came outside but had been brainwashed so they did not realize what was actually happening. They just thought it was a freak lightening storm.

So, yeah. That's me. Going to bed on an empty stomach. I almost crave the usual first-day-of-school nightmares that usually start about now.

Peace, love and chicken grease!!!


  1. I also have an exclamation addiction!!!!!

  2. I love swamp people! My hubby got me addicted.

    Your dream cracks me up. I've had some totally radical ones lately. Don't know what that's all about.

    Good luck with the exclamation goal!!!! (And the waiting/sitting. lol)

  3. Sounds like a very interesting dream....I have been dreaming of lemons here lately. I just want lemons, lemonade, lemon ice, lemon cake. I don't like lemons. Go figure.

  4. I use way too many exclamation points.. not so much in my posts but my comments. It's just the only way to convey enthusiasm on the internet machine. Crazy dream, kiddo!

  5. i am the same with the exclamations! I usually go back and try to tone down a little! lol.

    Um..... no idea about that dream. You should buy a dream book. That would be cool!

  6. You really have some Crazy dreams. Maybe you shoudl start to write them into a book or something. It could be a bestseller.

  7. Exclamation point addiction here too!!!

    Hey!!! Did you hear that crazy storm we had last night????

  8. I love swamp people! It's definitely a guilty pleasure! Can you tell I'm addicted to exclamation points too!!! Haha

  9. Heh, it's like Dallas. I never watched that, but I hear it was good. At first I thought she meant the town, and I was kinda nodding along. LOL

    Also, I would have let them take some of my skin. Tricep and FUPA skin only, though. Mine could feed a small family for two days. Ugh.

    Also also... I'm addicted to exclamation points, too. I go back and edit like half out by the time I'm done leaving a comment! lol

  10. Hehehe. You made me think of my weird dream my hubby interupted the other day. I was in FBI school with Justin Timberlake. He said it sounds like a new sitcom. If only!

  11. I like the ! don't give it up and always be excited!!!!