Sunday, July 10, 2011


***This is not related the homework given to me by my fertility specialist!!!***
I have 69 followers!!! YAY!!! (and you guys thought this was going to be a nasty post - shame!!!) Too bad blogger is being finniky and won't let me see who my followers are!!!

I started this post yesterday morning before 6am...and now that I am finally getting around to finishing it, I actually have 70 followers!! I love you all!!

Of course, blogger is being a big fat weinie this morning....I can't even comment!!!! GRRRR.

Life is pretty dull at the moment. Chris took his test Friday - he said there were a lot of physics type questions...he feels semi-confident about it. We shall see - if they call for an interview. I think they are going to start hiring in September. Apparently it is a long, drawn out process.

The whole not stepping on the scale thing is not working for me. I hopped on last night (after spending the day taking care of my grandparents - in the sweat box) and it was up...228.2. The EXACT weight from last Sunday. I don't know what to blame for this. I ate pretty good (I now know that even eating the ends off of taquitos is BAD BAD BAD) worked out, (I bought some exercise bands a few weeks ago and I started about a workout.) and drank water like it was going out of style. BUT I have yet to drag my butt back to the track. I HAVE to get back in the habit of running and doing bleachers. I have an excuse everyday...but no more!!!

I have a fill a week from tomorrow...thank GOD. I haven't had a fill since January!!! Bad, bad bandster.

I think I need to make an appointment with my nutritionist. I see that a lot of you have regular appointments with yours. Can you believe that I haven't seen mine since my pre-op appointment?? (again, bad bandster) She has this thing-a-ma-bob that helps with the batwings. I'm not sure how it works, but I'm ready to find out!!!

Back to basics....back to basics....back to basics. I've made signs. They are on the fridge and the bathroom mirror. I can do this. I just have to remember what I was feeling one year ago. When I was in love with my band. When I feared my band.

Leaving on a happy note! NSV - when I was getting dressed to go to the doctor on Wednesday I decided to try on a super cute top I bought before school let out. I never wore it because the material touched my skin (I still like my tops kinda baggy) and it was itchy. When I tried it was too big!! I can't tell you how many tops I have bought since surgery that have never been worn because I've waited too long to wear them!!!


  1. I haven't seen my nutritionist since my last pre-op appointment. I don't know that I need her, I'm losing well and feeling good about my choices. :) I say each person needs support from different people in different amounts. I don't see the nutritionist as someone I need. Congrats on your NSV!!

  2. Yay for 69...haha! I have 69 followers too! :) Blogger has been giving me trouble all morning too! Ugh! I've actually never seen a nutritionist. I kind of wanted to but since I paid in cash it wasn't an insurance requirement so I never went.

  3. Terrific NSV!! I love being able to fit back into clothes that quite frankly, I forgot I even had!! Way to go!

  4. what a great number of followers! Fantastic NSV!

    I haven't seen my NUT since surgery either. best friend is a Dietian. So I use that as an excuse! I honestly think they halp give you ideas for meals and snacks...espcially when you hit a road block!

  5. I haven't seen my nutritionist since pre-op but I decided then she was an idiot so no bit loss, in my opinion.

  6. I need to make some back to basics notes to myself. UGH.

    Congrats on the 69 followers. :)