Tuesday, July 5, 2011


My hunny came home early last night to take a look at our outside unit. He didn't have any parts and was unable to fix it!!! Fortunately, a lovely, wonderful, saint that Chris works with let us borrow a window unit. Between the one in our bedroom and the borrowed one the in dining room it was soooo cold in here you could hang meat!!!

The service tech showed up bright and early this morning. Good thing about living in a small town...everybody knows everybody!!! I used to take care of his baby girl (who is going into the 8th grade this year - feeling a bit ancient). But, I digress. Long story short: the outside unit is SHOT!!! Kaplooey!

I have the absolute best set of parents in the entire world. Hands down, without a doubt. They are amazing. They are also buying us a new outside unit. On my teacher salary and Chris' mechanic salary we live comfortably...just no savings!! The new unit should be installed today. Our old one wasn't exactly energy efficient, so this should help on our light bill too!!!!

On the band front: my scale finally gave me my 226 back this morning!!! YAY....now, let's hope it sticks around....or I will trade it in on 225....or 4....or anything less!!!

Since I gave up my Special K shakes I am really not into the protein shakes. I've only tried the Jillian Michael's and they aren't horrible. Just not too appetizing. I have found that I can eat a little bowl of cereal...if I take my time (about an hour). I've just got to find something high in protein that works for me.

That's my big downfall. I never pay attention to the amount of protein I get. I just eat. I really need to make that a priority. And I shall. What are your high protein go-tos??

I did Yoga first thing this morning. Boy howdy, it's harder than it looks!! I was sweating and grunting!! Next step today is some Boxing and then running this evening. My new goal is to work out 3 times a day for at least 30 minutes. My arms are looking flabbier than I want and me no likey!!!


  1. Protein go tos:
    Greek yogurt and 2% cheese sticks.

    So glad your parents are helping get the A/C fixed. Summer is dreadful without it.

  2. You go, Girl- working out 3 times a day! I usualy eat eggs for protein- hate the protein drinks. I had to choke them down when I was on the liquid diet. Although, IsoPure at GNC has some fruit drinks that have 40g of protein in them and they are not too bad.
    I hope my hubby has the service guy at the house today and gets are AC working. At least it is cool here at work.

  3. On days where I just can't squeeze the protein in, I use the protein shots (can't remember the brand). They don't taste great but you down it like a shot so the taste doesn't linger. I prefer getting my protein from food though and I find tuna or chicken salad to be lifesavers for this.

  4. How wonderful of your parents to do that for you! Not having AC in Texas is not an option!

  5. So glad your parents were able to help out, that is not fun.

    I have done protein shots in the past but not since I have been banded. They aren't the best tasting thing in the world but it is a huge amount of protein in one little drink. In my experience grape tastes better then the other flavors.

  6. yay for the new air conditioner! I don't eat cereal any more, but if you do, one way to get extra protein in is to add a scoop, or even a half scoop of protein to your cereal, or your oatmeal. Good luck!

  7. I eat protein bars, the Atkins ones are pretty good. Not many carbs or sugar, and they're pretty high in protein.

    What great parents you have, I'm so glad y'all are back in the AC - I agree with Andrea being in the Texas heat is UNACCEPTABLE! lol

  8. Wowzers ! That is some workout schedule. You go ! And thanks to the others about the protein ideas :)

  9. thank heavens for parents! mine are always helping me out too!

    I'm still chuggin protein shakes but finally graduated to tuna today. 13g in 1 serving. Do you hate tuna?

    I heard wendy's chili was pretty good on the protein.