Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back to Basics - Week 3

Finally, blogger cooperated!!
I actually saw 225.4 on Thursday...but it didn't stick around!!

2 pounds - I'm still celebrating this as a loss!!! {I was going to post my scale pic but Blogger is being a pain} Tomorrow is FILL DAY. SO, I'm hoping for an astronomical loss next week. (3 pounds maybe?? LOL)

**I ate a biscuit today. A WHOLE biscuit!!! Not a fluffy buttermilk of those flat Hungry Jack ones...but it was still bread.

I made the MOST AMAZING roast today for my grandparents!! I actually started it last night. It was the most beautiful black Angus roast ever!! It was pretty tasty, too!!!

Found out this morning that four students got into an accident last night. The car looked like a crushed tin can. The driver has head trauma and a broken neck, one has a punctured lung and the other walked away with scrapes and bruises. The fourth had to have some sort of surgery on her ribs. It breaks my heart for these girls. Being a teacher you get close to so many students and in my school district we (teachers) are sometimes the only stability they have in their lives. It's so easy to get close to these kids and all I want to do is protect them.

So, now I'm off to find some grub....last solids I'll have for a few days!! My surgeon's "fill instructions" are 3 days of liquids, 3 days of mushies and the progress to solid foods. It's like being post-surgery all over again!!!


  1. Your students are in my prayers... Please let us know how they're doing..

    And yay to YOU and your LOSS!! I'm thrilled for YOU!

  2. So sorry to hear about your students. I imagine being a teacher is one of the most heart wrenching jobs out there for several reasons, but also very rewarding! Good job on the loss. and good luck with the fill!

  3. Goodness!! Cars are such dangerous things!!

    Good luck with the fill my dear! Great weight loss too!

  4. Oh no, a biscuit - tell me it isn't so! lol You'll be just fine, sweetie, just don't let it become a habit. ;)

    And I'm sorry about your students - I'll be praying for them as well.

  5. I am so sorry to hea about the accident. thank god they all survived.
    I get my first fill tomorrow and I am getting nervous about it.

  6. Congrats on the loss, that's great! So sorry to hear about your students! Hopefully everyone is going to be okay.