Thursday, August 18, 2011

All hail the Queen....of procrastination.

I will confess. I am a master procrastinator. I put off EVERYTHING until the last minute. Like paying the utilities. Maybe I like living on the wild side. I constantly receive "cut off" notices...not because I don't have the money. I just put off paying bills.

My procrastination is currently gnawing on my behind. (Yes, that is the lady-like way of saying it's biting me in the a$$!)

I've put off all major classroom prep projects until the last possible minute. Of course, I do have some good excuses. (You know, excuses are like butts: everyone has one, some are bigger than others and they all stink.) Excuse 1: waiting for payday - tomorrow - to buy paint, plywood, material, etc etc. Excuse 2: waiting for inspiration. Excuse 3: I'm lazy.

So, tomorrow is a work day. Which means no one can bother me all day and I get to work in my classroom. IF I can stay away from gossiping chatting with my coworkers. Of course, I'm going to be late because I have to run into town for my B12 shot. (I'm gonna need it if I'm gonna make it through the day!!) AND it's the only day we have enough time to go to the nearest "town" (20 miles away) for lunch. Le sigh. Looks like my final weekend of "freedom" is going to be chained to a paint brush and skill saw (Actually Sanford will be doing all the sawing....I'm not allowed to touch his power tools!!).

I did, however make it through the day. I got to see most of my kiddos. Compliment galore. (cue attention whore with the inflated head) I can't even begin to describe the amount of school spirit at the community pep rally. It made me proud to be an Eagle!!

Oh yeah, and I decided to make an additional Facebook for my classroom. (School policy states we can't have students on our personal FB, but can make a classroom FB.) It's been so long since I made my original FB that I feel like a dummy trying to figure everything out. AND I'm trying to make a stamp for my pictures...a copyright of sorts. And edit pics. And make a video. And....OMG my to do list is growing by the second.

**Oh yeah, and I have to send off the sisterhood clothes I've been hauling around in my truck all week. WILL DO THAT TOMORROW, ladies. I haven't forgotten about you. AND my secret bandster gift.**
Oh and I have to take care of me. You know, hair, nails, more clothes..feed and water Sanford...I'm not really sure when I will sleep. Maybe I should buy a case of 6 hour powers and just stay up until Tuesday.

So, if this doesn't make's because I'm certifiably insane.

Must go, I just heard the All Aboard for the Crazy Train!!!


  1. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  2. Ummm, don't know what Majid Ali is all about, but that's the second comment I've seen like that. Weirdtown.

    I'm a super procrastinator too! Pretty much since birth, I was 4 weeks late. Figures. I've decided that because it's 'bred' into me, that it'll never change and i'll just have to accept it. oh well.