Monday, August 15, 2011

I survived!!

A full day of inservice - and I am alive to tell about it!!!! It was good to see all my friends, and to be back in a routine. Even my eating was on track. Until I left work and was starving. And had to eat Cheetos to keep from dying. So I guess I will need to add a healthy snack before I leave. Pre-Cheetos I had: Protein shake for breakfast, string cheese, 4 multi grain crackers and a Greek yogurt for lunch. Then the Cheetos binge on the drive home. We can't be perfect all the time, right???

So, tonight I've decided to introduce you to my dear hubby. He's been bugging the crap out of me to give him a cute nickname ever since I told him about Draz and Rambo. So I've been pondering this for a while...and this is what I've come up with:

Yes, ladies. I'm married to Fred Sanford. Be jealous. Now, as a disclaimer....we do not have a yard full of junk. Not even close. BUT whenever my dear Sanford wants something...for example a new bow (you know, like Robin Hood...bow and arrows and all that) he doesn't want to spend "our" money. So, he collects junk (scrap iron, copper, motors, etc) and scraps them for cash. So, I have deemed him Sanford.
Here's the conversation that ensued:

Me: "You shall be Sanford."
Sanford: "Heck yeah!!" *Hums theme song* "But don't make it seem like I walk up and down the side of the road looking for cans to pay our water bill or something."
Me: "Of course not!!" Because after all, we gots our pride!!!

In October I will be attending a three day workshop to prepare me to take the English as a Second Language Certification Examination. It's not something I've ever really thought about...until it was presented to me today at work. It will be a very useful thing to have - after all 38% of the 25.1 million Texans are Hispanic. (And that, class, is your lesson for the day....just gave you a new brain wrinkle!!!)

NSV of the day: "Hey, look at you skinny girl, I hate you!!!" (from a co-worker) I took it as a compliment! =)

My vow for the rest of the week: no more crap-eating!!! Cheetohs are really a gateway food...because I've been dreaming of chocolate all afternoon. But, I have resisted!!!


  1. What kind of multi-grain crackers do you eat? I'm a crackeraholic and will need to find a good one when I return to normal eating - thx. Just YESTERDAY, the Sweetie and I were talking about Sanford and Son (what are the chances ?? LOL !!) He was faking a heart-attack and said - I'm comin' Elizabeth ... and then I started singing/humming the opening tune ... GREAT NSV, skinny girl !

  2. I bet it was great to go back looking as great as you do!!

  3. The ESL certification sounds like a tremendously useful thing to have! I'm all for going to workshops, I figure the more information I have, the better I can do my job.

    And fantastic compliment! Does this mean we need a new photo or two?

  4. Inservices can be tricky when it comes to food--either there are too many tempting snacks or I feel the urge to mindlessly snack. Good job resisting the urge!

  5. Thank you for the new brain wrinkle, Skinny Girl.

  6. lol! Love it. Your husband sounds fun! :) My husband thinks it is funny how everyone calls him hunky! ha

  7. Great NSV!

    And love the nickname for your husband. I totally collect cans, no shame. At least... around my household. Not just... for fun around town. LOL

    Anywho, brush those Cheetos off, they're no big thang. :)

  8. I love the Sanford nickname! I wish my fella was that industrious!

  9. I love the nickname! Thanks for following me. How are you doing with your band?